Woman sexually assaulted and robbed at Pier 45

A woman was attacked and raped in Hudson River Park yesterday morning, as she ran in the park near Pier 45 in the Village at around 5:30 a.m. The 43-year-old victim was grabbed from behind, knocked to the ground and sexually assaulted by an unknown male assailant. The man then stole her wallet, cell phone and headphones and fled on foot.

Carl Phanor, a homeless 29-year-old man, was arrested at 3:55 p.m. at the Port Authority shortly after using the victim’s credit card. He was charged with rape, grand larceny, predatory sexual assault and invalid use of a credit card with intent to fraud.

The victim flagged down a fellow jogger, who called 911 at 5:58 a.m. She was taken to the hospital and police reported that she was in stable condition.

The NYPD said that Phanor is wanted in connection with two other similar crimes that are still under investigation. In those cases he has been charged with robbery:

On Oct. 6 at 5:00 a.m., a 48-year-old female victim was walking northbound on the FDR Drive service road approaching East 37 Street when an unknown individual approached her from behind and placed her in a chokehold. The individual then attempted to rape the victim, ripping her pants in the process. The victim was able to fight the individual off, but the individual was able to forcibly remove the victim’s wallet and cellphone. The individual fled the location on a bicycle heading toward the FDR Drive. The victim refused medical attention at the scene. Approximately 30 minutes after this incident occurred, the individual attempted to use the victim’s stolen credit card to make an unauthorized purchase at a smoke shop located at 113 1st Ave.

On March 27 at 6:10 a.m. near Pier 40, a 39-year-old woman was jogging northbound on the jogging path when she was approached by an unknown male individual riding a bicycle. The male individual pushed the victim to the ground and began to choke the victim. The male then sexually assaulted the victim and forcibly removed her cellphone. The male fled on his bicycle in an unknown direction. EMS responded and transported the victim to the hospital for evaluation. The victim suffered bruising and pain. Surveillance video was taken from the vicinity of West street and Charles Lane before the incident.

The individual is described as a male, wearing a beard, approximately 5’9″ and 180 lbs., dark complexion, 20-30 years of age, last seen wearing a dark clothing.



  1. These are the horrible (but predictable) outcomes from the lunacy that is known as bail reform. I hope everyone votes Zeldin on Tuesday, for the sake of our city and state. It’s a failure, period- just ask this poor woman.

  2. I have a few things to say here. I am a vigorous supporter of bail reform and have supported, both in deed and financially, bail reform. But these is real crimes. Not shoplifting or fare evasion – pure low level economic crimes where the costs to society, both in economic loss and costs to incarcerate, far outweigh the loss.

    These are horrendous crimes against us all. What is being done??

    Yet there are a host of comments about the street vendors. Why is that? And no comments here about these crimes.

    • Why do you not see a link between “horrendous crimes” and “low level economic crimes”? The lack of enforcement of “low level economic crimes” breeds greater criminality.

      The alleged attacker has a long criminal record, including so-called “low level economic crimes”:

      ” […] Prior to the sex-crime arrests, Phanor had been busted at least 25 other times, mostly for petit larceny, assault, drug possession and drug dealing, sources said. Seven of those arrests were sealed. […]

      “Phanor had previously been busted at least 25 other times, most recently in Manhattan for allegedly stealing a box of KIND granola bars from a Midtown Walgreens in Dec. 2019. He was sentenced to time served in that case.

      “[H]e was arrested for drug possession and possession of burglary tools in Oct. 2019 and pleaded guilty at his arraignment on the condition he completed a program, court records show. When he didn’t show up on mandatory compliance dates, two bench warrants were issued in his name in Jan. 2020, the records show.”


    • Clearly this is a monstrous crime.

      “Minor” crimes are real crimes as well. Allowing a culture of lawlessness at the minor level is a negative for society as well.

      Maybe the difference in level of complaining is that it seems the police are addressing these kinds of extreme crimes, but seem to be increasingly ignoring other levels of crimes. And of course they should prioritize the major crimes of violence. Yet we have a massive police force, and surely they also have time and resources to address the so-called “minor” crimes, without compromising enforcement for the major crimes.

    • It is the farbebeating criminal homeless mental patients who are tossing humans on the subway

      It is the low income hardworking nyc worker who needs to get on the subway at 6am to get to her hotel job who is being attacked on the subway

      You care more about criminals than the honest minimum wage worker trying to be hardworking getting on that subway

  3. To those who think the DA should not prosecute low level crime, you are showing that you don’t care about honest working people. You don’t care about the clerk at 7-11 or the security guard at Target who risk getting punched in the mouth or cut with a knife when they confront shoplifters. You don’t care about shoppers on tight budgets who now pay higher prices because of retail theft. Criminal gangs in our city now send drug addicts into stores to shoplift and bring the loot back to be sold on the secondary market. Why not try an experiment? Leave your handbag wide open and your wallet and cash in plain sight as you blithely walk down the sidewalk, and see whether you are physically assaulted and robbed, or just pickpocketed for your mere economic loss.

  4. This is just horrible. There is info on arrests in the news. The individually has previously been ” arrested at least 18 times as an adult, according to police. He also has a criminal record in New Jersey and Ohio.”

    “Police believe suspect who raped jogger in NYC park is responsible for other violent crimes”

    NYC tourist raped while jogging was choked so hard neck bones broke, ‘sex fiend’ held without bail

  5. Don’t forget to vote Democrat to ensure these things don’t disappear from our streets.

    Vote for Kathy H !!!

  6. Vote LeeZeldin
    I’m a democrat but I have 3 daughters
    2 of which who are training for the marathon running along the same path as this unfortunate woman

    I’m sorry but terrified to get on subway
    The city is out of control and Hochul just hired a no bail for all criminals activities to be her legal director

    She is tone deaf and if she can’t see any crime then both she and Adams need to go

  7. Zeldin is against women, there right as people to make choices about heath. Please do not give him the right to take away 51% of our rights.

    This crime is terrible the policy and mayor have to answer for this.

  8. What is to be expected from this insane concept of bail reform. Letting offenders out to roam the streets instead of protecting the citizens we are protecting the criminals. It is an insane concept that leaves everyone vulnerable to more crime.

  9. Republicans have been running as “crime fighters” at least since Nixon – and look how that turned out.
    Giuliani was a big “crime fighter” – and look how that turned out.
    Trump and his boot-licker Zeldin are running as “enemies of crime” – and voters are still falling for the con.
    Gee, I wonder how this will turn out.

  10. Do not vote Zeldin bc you’re bullied in local online comments about a vicious crime by one suspect. There is no correlation to this crime and party. Vote as you were. True Americans support your right to vote freely and without harassment.

  11. Why does anyone think that a governor will have any impact on crime in the city. It’s absurd. A governor has zero say in the NYPD or anything here outside the MTA really. I also don’t think either candidate cares much about the city since neither are from here. Zeldin will do everything to help his constituency, the suburbs, and won’t help us at all.

    • I agree with Bc. This crime is obviously horrible (and apparently the suspect is being held without bail), but to base one’s vote for Governor of NY (or anywhere else) on this is not sensible. It plays into the “talking points” and slogans that have replaced true communication these days. Instead of examining underlying facts, complex causes and effects of policies and practices, upsides and downsides of proposed changes and so on, folks just bark out a label like “soft on crime,” “defund the police,” the “big steal,” that appeals to emotions, which then get magnified with conspiracy theories (think Sandy Hook, Dems are pedophiles, Covid vaccine not tested, Fauci created Covid, the election was stolen) that up the emotional ante even more until conversation and dialogue are impossible. Governors do lots of things but they don’t run the NYPD. Let’s try to base our voting decisions on the candidates’ platforms and proposals rather than overly simplistic buzz words.