Work will start soon on PS 234

This is up there among my top pet peeves in the neighborhood: the sidewalk bridge on two sides of PS 234. It has been up since 2017 (according to the School Construction Authority) but it feels like even longer than that. I know I first started asking about this in September 2019 and here we are, more than three years later.

So that’s my cranky bit. Now to the good news: the agency has secured all permits and approvals so the contractor anticipates mobilizing in the next week or two. And then the bad news, especially for the people on the inside: construction — exterior masonry work — will go on for at least a year and a half. (Originally they were supposed to start last October and be finished in early 2023, so I am just extrapolating from that.)



  1. Scaffolding is a blight on this city and completely unnecessary. No other city had scaffolding laws like New York. NYC politicians are being paid off by the scaffolding companies and they laws exist to create unneeded union construction jobs. How do we get this to end?

  2. It’s insane that scaffolding can stay up so long here. I’ve never seen so much scaffolding in any other city. What can be done?

  3. Good luck with this. I live across from Brooklyn Tech which was in a similar situation. Scaffolding up for years before a project was finally funded to do the repairs.

    Now it is 4 years later, the project schedule has slipped by more than the original timeline (it was originally scheduled to be done in 2 years and now we are told that it will be another 3 years from today). They have spent close to the budgeted $30m so the money is gone so who knows if it is ever going to happen.

    Not clear who is in control of the school construction authority but it seems to be the contractors who donate heavily and then bleed budgets dry.

  4. Does anyone know why all the scaffolding at Brookfield Place? It seems fairly permanent.