Cafe Amore pizza has closed

S. spotted it first. Café Amore, the slice shop on Chambers between Greenwich and West Broadway that was also called iPizza, has closed. (X. sent me a Craigslist posting for the lease back in May, but the listing disappeared. Perhaps the landlord has someone cued up?)

While I am a Donna Bella gal myself (though I did buy raw dough from Amore for homemade pizzas), this is tough for the BMCC students especially — there’s not much left for them within striking distance of school.

And that leaves us with (by my count — correct me in comments) two slice shops: Donna Bella (Chambers and Church) and Little Italy (Park Place). Joey Pepperoni closed during the pandemic; Famous Famiglia is long gone. There’s of course the new Di Fara outpost in the Seaport, but that’s a long way to go for a slice.



  1. Il Mattone on Beach

  2. Isn’t there another Little Italy on Chambers and Church(?)

  3. Hi, I thought I saw iPizza opening in a smaller space few doors down.

  4. Or Joes on Nassua but again a walk for some. Better pizza than Little Italy in my opinion!! But Ill grab L Italy if I dont want to walk that far

  5. I think they are opening up next to 16 Handles a few doors down

  6. Grandaisy has excellent pizza by the (square) slice:

  7. The quality of iPizza had really gone down. It must have changed ownership, thus the odd name. It used to be a good pizza in the park for kids place, but lately…just bad. Picasso delivers pretty far.

  8. I only go to Donna Bella for a late night (alcohol fueled) slice. They’re really friendly but their sauce is too sweet and sometimes the crust is too thick.

    Joe’s is decent for a pie with toppings, but overpriced.

    When we want a grandma pie we order from Little Italy on Fulton. Their sauce is also a bit too sweet but the price is nice, they really cook it perfect, and deliver SO fast.

    I’ve really enjoyed Sagra for a light, thin crust pizza, but I guess a previous TC article said they’re closing.

    Still haven’t found my go-to all around spot yet.

  9. Does Saluggi’s up on Church not have “by-the-slice”?

    Still reeling from the loss of Tribeca pizza (near citi)

  10. Two Bros. on John and Nassau