Levi’s coming to Franklin and Church?

The lovely folks at Live the Process, the yoga togs company and yoga studio at 102 Franklin, said that Levi’s has taken the storefront across the street, at 103 Franklin just west of Church. For 17 years, that was the home of the Steven Alan store (RIP — I loved his stuff). He closed the shop in 2019.

I can’t get any confirmation from Levi’s corporate — repeated unanswered emails and no answer on the phone line — but I am going with it here since it’s an exciting prospect.

There are five Levi’s locations in the city, including one in Soho at Broadway and Broome. And based on that one, this spot seems a little small for their tastes, so we will see… (Maybe I should ask Levi Strauss heir and congressman-elect Dan Goldman!) This from the Levi site from May: “This year, we have a robust opening plan around the world. We’re focusing on mainline store openings in the U.S. that are a smaller footprint and fully enabled for omnichannel and Tailor Shop services in premium malls to create a youthful, head-to-toe expression of the brand while also ensuring we’re expanding for more with our loyal fan base.”


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  1. Yesssss! Very exciting!