Action finally at 14 White — but not what we hoped

A. noticed that some prep work had begun at the triangle lot that is the northwest corner of White with Sixth Avenue — the site of a series of less-than-neighborly uses during the pandemic. At one point there was a ghost kitchen stationed in a tractor-trailer running its engine all day; most recently it was clearly a loading area for Amazon third party distributors, though the press office there said otherwise.

The Department of Buildings has permits filed in October for Alteration Type 3 — involving “only one type of minor work that does not affect use, egress or occupancy of the space.” In this case it’s to install new curbs, sidewalks and roadway for a length of 190 feet.

I contacted the architecture firm that created plans for the site reviewed back in March 2017 — DXA Studio — and sadly they had this for me: “The project has been on hold for quite some time. As of now, there are no plans to continue with the design phases.”

That design was for a seven-story, 10-unit residential building proposed by NAVA, the developer and also an architecture firm. (You can read more about those plans here; I am running the renderings again here, just so we can imagine…




  1. Any improvements to the street/infrastructure are welcome!

    Hopefully this project will happen at some point; it’s amazing that the neighborhood still hasn’t healed entirely from the Sixth Avenue Extension completed in 1930 (a huge mistake IMO). The City should be for people, not cars!

  2. I also think an article on all the Tribeca surface parking lots could be interesting – which have plans for development, what was there before, etc.

  3. It’s the ultra-wealthy (and their useful idiot fellow travelers) who want to ban cars. I guess they will have Jeeves fetch packages for them.

  4. It is the building that is being built. Just put up the signs today.

  5. Hi, When will that triangle space between White and Franklin going to fixed/spruced up. It is called the “Barnett Newman Triangle” named after the abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman who lived at 36 White St. That triangle was supposed to be developed by the developer 100 Franklin. Why hasn’t it happens yet?



    • I know….been wondering what the hold up has been on getting the triangle developed (a green space, I believe)…..thought that was a part of the requirement in order to get approval to build 100 Franklin.

      • I have also wondered about this space as it needs some help. I reason the parking spots on the side couldn’t be removed to provide more public space and safer side walks.

  6. Call out for respect to all our delivery people. In all kinds of weather they navigate all of us. I am a huge cyclist and have never taken an Uber but remember how all our stuff to survive gets here. We are all so privileged.