The 2022 Shop-Local Gift Guide

We all promise to shop local, but who among us really does it? So at the risk of sounding preachy, this year, keep your promise to yourself. Take a couple hours to stroll the streets, wander into local shops, make a purchase here and there. We have dozens of really special storefronts, and the best part is you can top off your outing with a hot chocolate at Maman or a beer at Puffy’s. We did.

A few notes: we’ve had some long-time stores close even since last year (A Uno Tribeca, notably, and which is now on University Place, but also J. Crew and Red Wing Shoes) but there are also some new shops to explore which are breathing some life into streetscape. On the new front: home goods at Flaweless and TRNK, baubles at Greenwich St. Jewelers, unique ski togs at Aztech Mountain, clothing and pampering for women at Emilia George, candy at Cricket’s Candy Creations, toys and other fun stuff at Two Kids and a Dog, baby threads at Baby Cottons and South American linen and wool at Felix next door.

We tried to suggest a high and a low, but for some of our shops — more power to them — it’s a high/high. Still, it doesn’t cost a penny to look and we really loved meeting the local shopkeepers, many of whom are local themselves.

Also, read all the lists and cross reference! For instance, there are really special gifts at Ted Muehling’s new location that are not necessarily jewelry. And there’s something for everyone and every purpose on the “unique among the unique” list.

These lists is all Tribeca, all the time, save for one special outlier: Pearl River Mart, for the obvious reasons and for the exceptional shopping.

I’ll roll these out over the next week.