Seen & Heard: Tin Building expands its hours

The Tin Building is now open seven days a week and is also taking reservations for its restaurants for the first time. Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s exapansive food hall has six full-service restaurants, seven quick service counters, four bars, two gourmet grocery stores and a market. Hours are now Monday – Sunday, 10a to 9p. I had lunch at the Red Pearl a couple weeks ago and it was a huge treat. Delicious, incredible staff. We sat at the bar, which is festive. More on that soon.

P. sent this outrageous scene in front of Mr Chow and I just had to share: a Rolls Royce, bathed in the glow of purple spots that they must keep in the trunk just for moments like this. I don’t get it.

Holiday lights are going up, so if you need a fix, the Seaport tree got lit last night. Stay tuned for a holiday lights circuit…

If you haven’t had a chance to go over, the bar and restaurants at Fouquet’s, the new hotel on Greenwich and Desbrosses, are super luxe and beautiful. Great spot for a holiday drink. That’s Brasserie Fouquet’s New York above, and Titsou cocktail bar below. When we wandered in last week, the second of the two restaurants — Par Ici Cafe — was opening that day. (They just got their liquor licenses recently.)


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  1. The Mr Chows purple lighted Rolls…..after dining there, I think I get it. I am going to assume they ate at Mr. Chow’s. My Beijing born wife asks, ‘so where are all the Chinese people?”