Big Gay Ice Cream opening on Washington

C. was good to send me a heads up that Big Gay Ice Cream — the soft serve chain — has taken the space at Washington and Desbrosses, in what is now 450 Washington (nee Truffles Tribeca). (Thanks to A. for the pics.)

Last May there had been a sign there, but then it disappeared and now it’s back. I’ve never been able to reach them or their PR firm, whoever that is, so we will just have to wait and see for the opening.

They also have a shop at the Seaport on Front Street and while I had heard that closed, it’s still on their website so maybe it’s being renovated? (When I was last there the power was out and it seemed they needed a refresh.) There’s also a Midtown and UWS location.

Like Van Leeuwen, the company was founded in a food truck in 2009 by Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff and they have since published a cookbook, given a TED talk and taken the truck on tours across the country.

And in case your wondering, this from FAQs on the website:
Are you part of the big gay agenda or the big gay mafia?
Yes. Be sure to send us your address information (along with a photocopy of your enrollment card) so we can send you your free microwave oven for converting.



  1. A Chanukah miracle.

  2. They had been building out that space for quite some time. The owners had also been parking the ice cream truck outside on the nearby streets during last summer… Good to hear they will be opening!