Fidi will get a caviar boutique

While this is a bit out of my hamster-wheel patterns, it’s so wacky I had to mention: back in September CB1 approved a liquor license for a caviar boutique, a project of No. 1 Caviar, which the owner described as a third-generation, family-owned caviar company opening its first retail store.

The space at 14 Wall (it also has the Equinox) is just 450 square feet and will mostly be the retail shop for caviar, but they want a beer and wine license so they can serve the occasional pairing. They want people to come in and try, small bites at a time. There may be one or two seats, but it is more like a fishmonger with bubbly.

Their Instagram has some glam shots of the bitty eggs — on top of risotto, steak, chicken eggs, you name it.

“We don’t anticipate it to be a bustling place — we want to keep it simple,” said the owner, whose name I couldn’t catch on Zoom (and it’s redacted on the application that I get to see).

“We have a vision of bringing this product to the people,” he went on. “It’s inherently expensive, it’s hard to produce, it’s scarce. But we are trying to bring a better price than what’s out there at the moment. And we do something really unique: you can try it for nothing.”

The opening date is TBA, but you can sign up to reserve a spot.

No. 1 Caviar
14 Wall Street
Seven days, 10a to midnight


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  1. Great news, best of luck, count me in!

    • Dear Tribeca Citizen,
      Thank you for publishing this article about our boutique!
      We are very excited about the grand opening.
      If you are interested, please RSVP at
      or on our social media @wallstreetcaviar @n1caviar

      Best regards and see you there!