Seen & Heard: Hate the smell of fresh pine?

Balloon Saloon came up with a great alternative to the $750 Christmas tree at Soho Trees…

C. sent this photo of a bust on Duane and Staple — if I didn’t know better I would assume it’s a shoot for Law & Order. But it was the real thing!

Both the Parks Department and the Department of Sanitation are mulching trees as usual this year. Parks will send you home with a bag of mulch from Mulchfest if you take your tree to their chipping event on Jan. 7 and 8 at Dewitt Clinton Park, Central Park (at W. 65th Street, W. 81st Street and E 106th St) or Washington Square Park. You can also drop off at those sites starting Dec. 26. But since that’s likely too much effort, DSNY will collect and compost trees left at the curb (no plastic, no ornaments) from Friday, Jan. 6, through Saturday, Jan. 14.

Battery Park City’s Parks Operations will pick up trees curbside from Dec. 26 until Jan. 27. Trees are chipped and used for mulch in the parks. For more information, call 212-267-9700.

The Battery Park City Authority has released its events list for winter, and since it’s too big to list here, check it out here.



  1. Regarding the curbside tree composting; this is a great service. How should the tree be prepared? In a clear plastic bag to prevent needle mess? Also, can other plants or shrubs be left for composting pickup also?

    • Suggestion: First, put your tree in a clear plastic bag before you remove the tree from your apartment to contain needle mess. Second, cut and remove the plastic bag from the tree once you have placed it at the curb, since DSNY rules forbid the bag.


      “Before your Christmas tree can be collected, you MUST:

      * Remove ALL lights, ornaments, tinsel, and stands from the tree.
      * Make sure the tree is not wrapped in ANY plastic or placed inside a plastic bag.
      * Leave the tree at the curb between the designated dates (January 6 – 14).”

      • Thank you, James, for the link and info.

        It isn’t clear there whether the trees should be put out only on the regular trash days during that period (Jan 6-14), or any day. I’ll assume it’s best to put them out on trash days.

        Also no word there about other kinds of shrubs. I assume a pine shrub would be acceptable…but maybe not if it has roots and soil still attached. Hmmm. I’ll have to call 311, I guess.

    • Better than a plastic bag, if you have an old full or queen sized sheet: spread it out on your floor right next to the tree. Lay your tree in the middle of it like it’s a hot dog. Have someone grab the top 2 corners and someone else the bottom 2 corners and carry it down like that. Wash the sheet after and use it again next year. It’s easier than the plastic bag and much more environmentally friendly.

  2. Love how this comment wasn’t published first time around, but anyways the balloon tree is cute but I prefer to put up with the fresh smell of pine than contributing to adding non-biodegradable plastic to the world.

  3. Maybe the FBI were just out caroling…

    3 vans converging,
    12 Agents busting,
    1 perp is pleading:
    I didn’t do anything!
    Hands are a cuffing,
    Shoes are unlacing
    Agents are a frisking
    Backpack is emptying,
    An envelop is opening,

    What could it beeee?

  4. Thank you M! Humming and laughing right along!