Adding some festive cheer to a Hudson Street stoop

Jolene Howard first spotted the stoop at 181 Hudson at Vestry decorated with golden pumpkins this Halloween. Then there was a fall cornucopia and now, an elaborate display of holiday decor in neutrals and black, spilling from the cornice and down the stairs.

It’s the work of Tribecan James Stanley, who founded his eponymous boutique architectural design/build firm in 2010 and uses the ground floor of the building for his office and studio. He generally works on the luxury residential side of architecture, and since his is also a construction firm, if he can’t find something he likes, he makes it. His holiday decorating was born from that, and it’s really just for his pleasure — though it certainly caught our attention.

“Decorating is my escape,” James said. (That’s him at the top of the stairs in the red shirt in the team photo.) “I can really lose myself in it. “It’s relaxing and freeing. Plus it’s a way to do something cool for myself and my building and I hope the public too.”

James moved to Hudson Street two years ago and did a smaller Christmas display last year that got the ball rolling. He has four trees inside his office as well — including one with his collection of ornaments from Bergdorf’s; one he constructed himself with Christmas lights and Polaroids of his staff and friends; and one he spray painted black with all black ornaments.

He plans everything in 3D computer renderings and treats it like a client’s project. “Now it’s become that I want to do something all the time,” he said. “It’s my toy that I can tinker with.”

He has some fabulous ideas for spring, he said, and he’s debating about Valentine’s. My guess is that’s a yes.


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  1. Looks fantastic! Very creative.