Two Kids and a Dog burglarized — twice

Two Kids and a Dog, the toy store at Greenwich and Warren that opened in March, was burglarized on Tuesday night, and the burglar made off with about $900 in goods. They entered by throwing a rock through the glass door, then helped themselves. The door replacement will cost $700 in addition. UPDATE: The day after I wrote this, someone broke the other door — on Thursday at 2a — but at least the second time they were not able to get in.

“I am devastated about what is going on in the city,” said owner Natalia Jacobs. “I am a business owner and it’s killing me to have to pay $700 for each replacement window plus all the stolen merchandise. Especially this month that we are trying to meet our ends. Absolutely upsetting.”

Natalia owns our store as well as another on Pearl Street in Dumbo, which she opened in 2014.

She filed a police report, but when I checked with the NYPD’s press office, they didn’t have it, which is neither here nor there.

“I am not sure what can be done,” she said. “It’s insane that this city has become where anyone can do whatever they want and nothing happens.”



  1. Feel bad for this unfortunate small business. at some point, tribeca might consider forming it’s own security or BID to help control this type of issues.
    Worth the expense IMO.

    also for 2023, maybe TC can streamline the comments so it’s easier to have a true dialogue? the robot screen and even the moderation are a bit of a downer

    • Sorry, but I get tons of spam as it is and before I added the screening it was hundreds a day. I do not know what you mean about moderation; I delete comments I think are mean or inappropriate, but otherwise let people comment. I also occasionally delete comments from fake email addresses, like yours.

  2. The formation of BIDs is currently a very popular decision/activity. Improved sanitation (street cleanup) and improving community safety are two of the leading reasons why. It is a long process and doesn’t always end in success (many BID submissions fail to get approval), but I would think that in a community such as Tribeca, with the amount of larger businesses to help carry the load, it should be doable.