‘Tis the season to take a holiday stroll around the neighborhood

If you didn’t get a chance to do this last year, here’s some tips again for a holiday walk around Downtown. Many of these shots are thanks to Max Guliani, who did this route by bike. (Scroll down for a few festive Fidi pit stops.)

Start at the Brookfield mall to see the Luminaries installation (up till Jan. 2)

  • Cross the highway at Liberty to Liberty Park to see the lighted deer there
  • Down the stairs on the east and cross Liberty to Zuccotti Park and the lightshow on 127 Broadway
  • Right on Broadway, left on Wall to get to the Stock Exchange tree on Broad and Wall
  • Take Wall down to the water, but take a left on Front so you hit the top of the Seaport Mall on Fulton for the tree
  • Down past the lighting of the historic Seaport buildings
  • Last stop: the lit masts at the Seaport

Some other spots to catch:

  • Citi lights up its street trees and a big pine at Greenwich and Beach
  • They will let you walk into the lobby of 60 Hudson (at Thomas) to see the tree and the Art Deco glory that is that building
  • Swing by the stoop at James Stanley’s office at 181 Hudson (at Vestry) for a photo op…
  • …or the entrance to Fouquet’s New York on Desbrosses and Washington for the French version.

FESTIVE FIDI PIT STOPS (Check to see who’s open on Christmas Day.)

  • I find The Dead Rabbit truly festive — maybe it’s that old-school Irish thing. Get a drink and a Scotch egg.
  • I think there’s no reason not to get a Manhattan at Harry’s
  • Guilty pleasures: I am always game for a beer at Fraunces Tavern — I just love the stools in the middle of the bar room, but a booth in the middle room is very cozy. There’s also a new piano bar upstairs.