Nosy Neighbor: What is going on with the bus stop on Broadway and Franklin?

Ok, this was a tough one and I didn’t get to the bottom of it but I just want to be on record as having tried.

Both R. and T. wrote (and T. sent the pics) to ask about the bus stop on the westside of Broadway and Franklin, across from Gourmet Garage. From R.: “The city installed benches and and a peninsula for buses. Oddly, they moved the bus stop to the south side of Franklin, where there are no benches for waiting patrons. It’s not a big deal, other than the money that the city spent and I find it very odd. I wonder if it has something to do with the construction site on the corner.”

And from T.: “The city first jackhammered Broadway and eventually built out a bus bulb in this spot [back in 2012]. Then not long after a crew came and jackhammered the bulb and put Broadway back to the way it was. Then the DOT came back and rebuilt the bus bulb again. Unlike the street repair teams on Worth, these guys work fast but why was the first bulb removed? Was it not up to code? This one is a bit fancier but now it seems to be out of business. Will it be jackhammered once more as part of an endless experiment? My dream would be that this outcropping could be covered in greenery or something besides more car storage for placard abusers.”

SO…I first tried the MTA, where I learned something: “On this topic, New York City DOT would be your point of contact, as it has oversight of bus stops and street design.”

So then to the DOT, which said, “The bus stop was moved to accommodate nearby building construction. Once construction is completed the stop will be restored to its original location.”

They seemed to be unaware (or not?) that the bus stop was indeed restored. The M55 stops at Broadway and Franklin, but neighbors say it still doesn’t use the bulb-out, but tourist buses do.

And since these are some pretty cool stats, here’s a few nuggets on the city’s bus system:

  • Ridership: 2.2 million per average weekday; 678 million annual in 2019.
  • Number of buses: 5,927 in January 2020
  • Number of routes: 234 local, 20 Select Bus Service, and 73 express bus routes in the five boroughs.
  • Number of stops on the M55: 67

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  1. The M55 doesn’t pick up on the Franklin st stop even though in the route map and app it is listed as a stop. I know because the bus has driven past our waiting family a few times when we tried. I have asked the bus drivers and they do not seem to have any clarity either. I submitted a complaint/suggestion to the DOT using their system to restore the bus stop and the response was they will look in to it. The stop used to be mid block between Leonard and Franklin before they moved it for the construction. There is a very long gap between the stop at White street and the next one on Duane and a stop in between is very much needed