It’s *Mr.* Exotix to you!

I love a good courtesy title. (Actually that’s not true — I hate them. But I love them when they are used in wacky ways.) So it was with some excitement that I went down the rabbit hole that is Mr. Exotix — thanks to S. who spotted the sign a couple days ago. And I am so glad I did.

The new store is in the former Sole di Capri space at 165 Church, just south of Reade. And it has to be the coolest place we have had open here in a while. It’s exotic snacks – and by exotic I mean Fanta melon from Japan, Oreo mooncakes from Thailand, Tim Horton Timbits from Canada, Skittles Giants from the UK, Shrimp Pringles from who knows where.

From what I can tell from Instagram (hopefully I will hear back soon) they are stoners who opened their first store near Lehman College in the Bronx in February 2020. They now have four stores in the city, including one on John Street, two in California and one in Philly. Miami is coming soon.

These are not bodega prices: a Shokata Fanta (elderberry-lemon) is $8. A bag of Lay’s Fried Crab is $9. Tiramisu Oreo Knots are $9.

“It all started with a simple vacation,” their website says. “Realizing that there are so many different variety of snacks around the world, we were wondering why they can’t all be found in one place? So we created it!”



  1. Lol @ “the heart of the Financial District”

    • Yes, John Street.

      • Ahh, didn’t realize that Insta post was referring to the John St location.

        It’s an interesting (if somewhat niche) concept, but they might have considered that their “faux-shabby chic” look just looks shabby on that particular (rundown) block of Church. Their particular aesthetic/vibe would have made more sense on a block w higher-end retail offerings, as a point of contrast.

        This part of the neighborhood could really use a local florist/plant store, as well as a dedicated hardware store.

        • Yes, I walked by the John St location and thought it was just another unauthorized CBD store. But thanks, Tribeca Citizen, I will now check it out. And definitely agree with Reader on Reade about what we could use in the neighborhood!

  2. I wish Sole di Capri was coming back. This restaurant was the best dining experience in Tribeca with a menu that was affordable. I’ll skip the $9 bag of chips.

  3. Is this a weed dispensary or snack food shop? No issues with either, just curious. Why is this block so ugly/dirty?

  4. It’s both! I discovered this when I brought my daughter to the John Street location for some snack splurging. Interesting experience.

  5. I live in the building, the place is a weed store. the snacks are a front

  6. Illegal weed stores are the new nail salons…one on every block.