Seen & Heard: Law & Order on the streets of Tribeca

It’s always fun to see the neighborhood featured in a fake crime scene, this time on Warren Street.

This makes me a little wild — seeing something on its way to be composted wrapped in a giant plastic bag. Sheesh. But it’s a good opportunity for the reminder that if you want DSNY to compost your tree, get it out between now and Saturday, Jan. 14. No plastic, no ornaments.

Open Plans, an organization that promotes civic engagement for livable streets, is offering a three-part webinar series on community boards, and the first sessions will cover the fundamentals of boards: what they are, why they matter, and how to join yours. Register for Jan. 17 here and Jan. 18 here.

A. sent a list of blood drives in the area over the next few weeks: Stout NYC Mon.1/23; NYPD Manhattan South Precinct Tue.1/31 on Ericsson: 6 River Terrace Battery Park City Fri.2/10: Broadway Education Campus a block away from Charging Bull in FiDi Mon.2/13. You can search for blood drives by zip code then name, type, date & distance here.



  1. Are these people too lazy to take it off when they get it to the street, so privileged they expect the sanitation workers to do it for them, or have no idea what is going on in the world.

    • In the “no idea” dept, I’ll give benefit of the doubt that perhaps they didn’t see the instructions on the NYC site. Maybe they assumed since other recycling must be bagged, then so must trees, since without a bag, the tree makes a potential mess on the sidewalk as needles fall off while awaiting pickup, sometimes for days.

      Anyway I’m glad NYC has this program, and I hope they will expand the general curbside composting to Manhattan soon.

    • At least they were considerate enough not to mess up their building’s interior with needles and debris to be cleaned up.

    • It’s not that complicated. Whether you live in a building with a super/porter, or manage on your own, the distribution of simple instructions take care of this. We provide instructions for both bringing in and removal of trees (we have bags for removal from apartments and have them removed before being put out on the street) to all tenants and staff – so far we have had multiple rounds of successful pick-ups of unbagged trees for mulching.

  2. Just started watching ‘East New York’ on CBS and the neighborhood has been featured a lot there (ironically).. One of the storylines revolves around one of the detectives stealing a souvenir bat off the wall of Mudville..

  3. I’m also taken aback by how many trees on the sidewalk still have their stand attached. I’m still using the basic, plastic stand that my parents used when I was a kid with some nuts and eye bolts . Are these people buying a new stand every year?? What a waste of plastic/metal and money!!

  4. Funnily enough, re:L&O filming, I was walking across the street when this scene or a similar one was being filmed outside 80 Warren. The reason i noticed was the technology in play – looked like the actress was standing on a plastic upturned milk crate or soda crate, in order to manage the height difference with Jeffrey Donovan and Mehcad Brooks. I later passed the 2 guys on Greenwich St, and they are both quite tall – 6ft an 6’3” respectively, which always surprises me as i presume actors tend to be more compact.