Saluggi’s has closed permanently

Saluggi’s, the pizza shop on Church just south of Canal, has closed permanently. (I think James mentioned as much but I was surprised — I was just there for a slice during one of my shopping guide excursions in early December.) The place had a lot of charm (plus a shuffleboard table) and was owned by the same folks who own Nancy Whiskey Pub on Lispenard.

The restaurant — and that is what it was, more sitdown than slice shop, though you could grab a slice — opened in I think around 2009. They then opened a sandwich shop on the corner with Lispenard in 2012, only to close it in 2014.

Saluggi’s East on Grand and Clinton opened in 2016 and is still going strong. — someone will have to report back to see if it’s still going. There’s no signs of closure on Instagram, and they had plans there as recently as New Year’s Eve.

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  1. This is a shame. I like that place. I did avoid it though, and that entire block, when the counterfeit sellers spread to the sidewalks on that part of Church Street. It seems very hard to run any kind of business with the sellers blocking the sidewalks.

  2. That property, 325 Church Street, is owned by the same entity that owns the corner property, 321 Church Street, and I think another adjacent property, 35 Lispenard. The corner property has demolition and new building permits filed for a 7-story 10k SF building (as reported by TC previously), but I don’t see any activity on those permits since 2020 (

    Perhaps the owner is emptying out the Saluggi’s property to enlarge the planned development beyond just the corner site?

  3. Grand st is still going strong

  4. The managing partner, Billy, passed away last year.
    COVID hit the Church spot hard without much office business.
    Grand St. and Nancy Whiskey have been carrying the load for quite some time.