Non-profit indoor playspace coming to Broad Street

In an unusual twist on one of the biggest commercial real estate deals in the area, Fidi resident Alex Reznik, the owner of a local chain of fitness studios, is opening a non-profit playspace on Broad Street designed to accommodate all kids, but especially those on the autism spectrum. CompletePlayground — described as an inclusive family center — has taken the lease on 40,000 square feet at 30 Broad just south of Wall, what was the New York Sports Club.

Reznik owns CompleteBody, which has four locations in Manhattan including one in Fidi, and also manages another six gyms. He founded CompletePlayground with his autistic son in mind, after he saw the progress his son made in an inclusion class at Spruce Street School.

“He used to go to a school for autistic kids and he didn’t talk and once he moved to an inclusion school he started to talk — that’s why I believe in the inclusion method,” Reznik said. Reznik has two 7-year-olds and a 5-year-old and has lived in the Financial District for 25 years. “We are trying to help kids with limitations but focus on their strengths — find what they love and focus on that. But the playground is for everyone.”

Reznik’s son was diagnosed in 2018 and since then, the family has struggled to find activities that were conveniently located, didn’t feel clinical, and weren’t isolating for both his son with sensory issues and his other sons looking to be active during their brother’s sessions. Nothing here came close to what the family found all over Europe while travelling (Reznik is from Ukraine), even in small cities.

The space — which as a point of comparison is the same size as the new Whole Foods — will be on the three levels the gym occupied as well as the corner space, and it will focus entirely on the physical — nothing electronic — as well as art and music. There will be classes in gymnastics, martial arts, ninja, yoga and dance, as well as open play within a massive indoor playground structure. Additional offerings will include camps; birthday parties; a state-of-art Sensory Room; speech and occupational therapy; and family seminars.

They are aiming for a soft opening this summer and an official opening in September.

Reznik decided to use a non-profit model so he could focus on classes during the weekdays that might integrate with other schools and also accept sponsorships and donations. The company is still seeking corporate partners. They are also still working on the fee schedule. More TK when they start the buildout.



  1. So excited about this!

  2. AMAZING. Much needed!

    I’ve been so disappointed when I call around to kids activity centers in Lower Manhattan (Manhattan Youth, Asphalt Green, NY Kids Club, Cocoon – shame on them all) and find out they have NO classes that are inclusive or adaptable for kids on the spectrum.

    This new space will be a huge asset to special needs kids that live downtown.

  3. Amazing! Thank you very much Alex! I know that a lot of parents will be very grateful for the his absolutely incredible family place!