What/Who in Tribeca? New street art on West Broadway

N. caught sight of some new street art on the construction fence for 65 West Broadway, between Warren and Murray.

It seems to be commentary either on the Chinese Communist Party or on Tank Man, the unknown protestor made famous in the image from the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, but that’s all we can discern. Hoping you street art afficionados can help out here…

And just for the record, that image by Jeff Widener was originally published in The Associated Press and is considered one of the most iconic photographs of all time.

(And yes, somehow we need to see what’s going on with that site…)


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  1. Thanks for covering..

    It definitely stopped me in my tracks.. The 3-d nature and guerrilla simplicity were an interesting juxtaposition to the normal “Bills” displayed on construction paneling..