Seen & Not Heard: Silent movies at Brookfield

Brookfield is hosting silent films this week, and though the first one was last night there’s still tonight and Friday at 7:30p in the Winter Garden. They are free, seats are FCFS, with a live score. Thursday’s is “The Kid” scored and performed by Yasmin Williams and directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin, in his first full-length feature. Friday is “The Passion of Joan of Arc,” scored and performed David Cieri and ensemble and directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer and starring Renée Jeanne Falconetti. This landmark film, one of the finest in cinema history, tells the story of the trial of France’s patron saint.

The couture designer Bibhu Mohapatra has moved his studio from N. Moore to 174 Duane. He was the longtime design director for J. Mendel, and before that he spent a year at Halston, before moving out on his own with his tailored and wearable couture. More when he and I can catch up.

Babesta, Tribecan Jenn Cattaui’s baby gear store on Warren, has a new Tuesdays trade-in program where you can register your gently used strollers and gear online and then drop them off. The amount can be taken right away in a Babesta gift certificate or you can get a direct payout upon the sale of the item in the marketplace. They are partnering with a company called RebelStork, which does the assessment and the resale. See more info here.

The Museum of Chinese in America on Centre and Howard is being redesigned by local architects Bill Bialosky and Maya Lin, and Lin will discuss her vision for it as well as other projects she is working on on Friday, Jan. 27, from 4 to 5 at the Park Avenue Armory. Tickets are $50 and are here.


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  1. This article says “The Passion of Joan of Arc” is “one of the finest in cinema history”; but the film’s version of Joan of Arc’s trial is contradicted by numerous eyewitness accounts which show that the pro-English judge, Pierre Cauchon (an advisor for the English occupation government since 1420) falsified the transcript and convicted her on deliberately false charges. The movie is based on the falsified transcript, thereby giving a badly misleading view of the issue.