The Bean, revealed

More back story here, but for your viewing pleasure, some reflections (get it?) on the Anish Kapoor sculpture dba The Bean at 56 Leonard. An official name will be revealed later this season. (Taking suggestions in the comments.) Thanks to J. for the video reveal from above.

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  1. Legume on Leonard

  2. lovely! hate to say it but.. hurry and get your pics before it gets vandalized

  3. Suggested names:
    Pressed for Time
    Leonard Beanstein
    Bright Shiny Object

  4. Anish Kapoor might regret this the rest of his life. Why?

  5. As a native Chicagoan, I’ll offer:

    “Bean There, Done That”

  6. To the native chicagoan — the sculptor anish kapoor lives in the building. *WINKEE WINKEE* ;) ;)