In the News: A super tall marches on

Yimby reports that the Rafael Vinoly-designed super tall at 125 Greenwich just south of the World Trade Center has landed $313 million in financing to continue construction after being idle for three years. (My pic is from 2019, just fyi.) The tower is 88 stories, 912 feet tall and should have 273 condo units with interiors by March & White. Sales launch this fall. “All that remains are the cladding for the podium, some finishing touches around the pinnacle, and the gap in the western elevation where the construction elevator is attached,” Yimby says.

Mickey Drexler, the former CEO of J. Crew and Gap has sold his townhouse at 464 Greenwich (just south of Watts), The Real Deal reports. The 9,000-square-foot townhouse was first listed for $30 million and sold for $24 million. Drexler bought the five-bedroom, six-bathroom home for $5.5 million in 2008.

The Times has a story about buildings that don’t allow dogs in the lobby, dedicating the first 300 words or so to Barclay Tower at 10 Barclay, and I was so surprised by this — never knew that was a thing. This while the new luxury condos being built have dog parks and dog washing stations built in. Go figure. Maybe they can talk to the folks at Whole Foods and help them keep dogs out of the aisles…

New York magazine wants to know! They couldn’t get an answer from either the Port Authority or Calatrava’s office. “The white stone slabs making up the floor of the concourse are chipped and flaked at the edges. Corners are broken, and thousands of scuffing soles have ground dirt into the rough spots, blackening them and making them highly visible against the honed surface. You can also see where a scattering of slabs has been replaced, because the new slabs are whiter and shinier than the others. The building opened barely seven years ago, in March 2016, and the rest of it still looks crisp and new. The floor does not. Grand Central Terminal will be 110 years old in a week, and its Tennessee marble floor shows gentle waves of wear from billions of feet but comparatively few cracks and chips. It’s arguably in better shape.”



  1. Barclay Tower also doesn’t let delivery personnel through its lobby, requiring them to use the service entrance a couple of doors down. Although I think this may be a more common practice in NYC.

    And from what I remember, they used to be even stricter about their dog policy, limiting dogs to no greater than 30 pounds. I believe this was loosened during 2020 when they were experiencing higher vacancies due to the pandemic.

  2. I’m happy 125 G has funding to finally finish the building. It looks gorgeous and having an unfinished building just sitting there doesn’t help the neighborhood.
    I do wonder how the Holiday Inn Migrant hotel and proposed shelter on Washington will impact sales.

  3. Why are dog owners bringing their dogs into Whole Foods? Can’t afford sitters? Rules don’t apply to them because they are, you know, important people?

    • Bobbie –
      I grew up with and love dogs but am stunned and dismayed at the huge uptick over the past few years in folks bringing dogs into food stores where they are not allowed.
      Was in the new WF on the third day and saw multiple dogs on the first floor. One guy kept giving snacks to his dog – and then loading up at the salad bar. Not OK.

      At a Starbucks saw an upscale bro laugh as his Great Dane put front paws up on the counter. Poor staff not happy but scared to say anything to upscale bro.

      The level of entitlement is incredible

      • ASJ,
        Wealthy bros and their wives. I plan to walk through WFs with a DeSantis 2024 banner and see how quickly I will be hauled to First precinct.
        I have rights.