In the News: Jennifer Gates moves to 443 Greenwich


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Jennifer Gates, Bill and Melinda Gates’ daughter, is living at 443 Greenwich, the celebrity dorm on Vestry/Desbrosses, in the apartment recently sold by racecar driver Lewis Hamilton, according to The Post. Hamilton sold the apartment to a Seattle-based trust — shoulda guessed — in November 2021 for $49.5 million. It’s a triplex with a plunge pool. The Post also reported that her previous apartment, on Fifth and 102nd, right next to Mount Sinai, is listed for sale.

Gates married Olympic equestrian Nayel Nassar in October 2021 — Tribecan Sylvia Weinstock made her cake! — at her Westchester horse farm, and the couple had a baby sometime close to this past Christmas. She is a third-year med school student at Mount Sinai.

In October 2021, she wrote a cute bio for herself on Instagram, complete with lots of emojis: “My name is Jenn Gates (she/her). I was born and raised in Seattle, WA, and I am currently a second-year medical student ? at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai.

“I am deeply interested in studying factors that impact children’s growth and development, most specifically adverse childhood experiences. Long term, I also hope to contribute by giving people a clear understanding of their conditions and circumstances, so they feel supported by medicine and science. ?‍⚕️

“My passion for medicine was sparked by my parents, @thisisbillgates and @melindafrenchgates, whose regular dinner time conversations about children’s health on a global scale impacted me at a young age. ?

“I wasn’t always convinced I was smart enough to go to medical school, but during my freshman year at Stanford I was lucky to meet amazing mentors who helped me realize my passion for science and helped me pursue this path. I also fell in love with California and made some incredible friends there! ☀️

My other lifelong passion is horses and the sport of showjumping: I founded @evergatestables in 2017 prior to beginning medical school, and although I am not in the saddle as much these days, horses and riding continue to be an important and meaningful part of my life. ?

My fiancé @nayelnassar is a professional show jumper and entrepreneur, and we currently live together on the East Coast with our energetic Jack Russell Terrier, Earl. ? ?

I love sugar and sweets (except Nutella), the color pink, reading, journaling, and obsessing over my calendar. I value the human connection, presence, and people with integrity. I hope some of what I share resonates with you, and while I know I have a lot to learn, I appreciate you all being part of my journey. ?”



  1. In 2013 Bill Gates stated publicly that he would not leave any inheritance to his children and instead leave it all to charity, in order not to “distort their path.” Guess he changed his mind?