Another arrest at Patron of the New

Patron of the New, the designer boutique on Franklin between Hudson and Varick, was the scene of two arrests on Tuesday, yet again. A. happened to be there to get this picture, and the police gave me this report:

“On June 14 at 1200hrs inside of 151 Franklin Street two individuals entered the location, entered the fitting room with multiple items, put them under their clothing and exited the fitting room. Both males attempted to leave the store without paying and also threatened to shoot the employees if they don’t unlock the doors. The following individuals were arrested and charged:

Maurice Bryant, 31-year-old male of 49 West 225th St., Bronx
Charges: Robbery, Misapplication of property, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

Jahmonie Bridges, 23-year-old male of 1665 Bryant Ave., Bronx
Charges: Robbery, Criminal Possession of a controlled substance, Criminal possession of stolen property”

This is the third time police have been called to the scene in the past couple years, at least the third that I know of. Shots were fired there in September 2020, sending passersby scattering; and there was a holdup there in August 2020.



  1. The usual “law abiding citizens” terrorizing the hard working people of this city. When are the bail laws going to change – when somebody in government is a victim? Tired of the patting himself on the back all the time mayor and the NYPD commish saying crime is down. Where – in Oz?

    • I agree! – Good point re: Bail laws…

      They need to change.. and NOW! And not just because this is happening in Tribeca…
      It continues to Happen EVERYWHERE in NYC. Commit a crime and you’re out the very same day… no real time or repercussions…

      So such crimes will keep on happening – obviously not what law abiding citizens want or need… Time to end this nonsense.

  2. The bail laws have nothing to do with this at all. You live in a city of 9 million people. More people are on the subway in one morning than live in Wyoming and Montana altogether. They have crime too. New York statistically isn’t even in the top 20 for violent crime. Let that sink in. All the current bail reforms did was let some schmuck keep his crap minimum wage job so he could be treated like a citizen who is innocent until proven guilty just like everyone else.

    I grew up in this city when it actually was dangerous. Right now it’s little house on the prairie, not Fort Apache.