F45 gym coming to Duane and Broadway

F45, a gym franchise founded in Australia in 2013 that uses team training sessions (aka classes) to get their members fit, has taken the former FedEx space on Duane at Broadway. M. wrote to say that construction starts on Monday. I’m waiting to hear when they will have it open.

They have 15 locations now in the city, including one on Nassau, and another 3300 in over 67 countries. It’s a franchise so you can even buy your own! The pricing can change from studio to studio, but a 7-day trial for locals only at Fulton looks like it’s $40. A 10-class pack is $319.

The F stands for functional training, and they have a mix of circuit and high-intensity interval workouts. The 45 is for the minutes of class time. They have 45 classes in their database and rotate those through depending on the day of the week. For example, they offer a crop of cardio classes on Monday and Wednesday, resistance classes on Tuesday and Thursday, hybrid classes on weekends and recovery classes every day.

More TK when they open.