Lost bunny rescued from parking lot

J. wrote last week to say she had spotted a rabbit in the Ikon parking garage on Greenwich and Jay, next to the Cocoon play space. Workers there had been supplying it with food and water for a couple weeks, but were not able to trap it. She tried to get me a picture but he was quick!

I have to admit the poor guy slipped my mind and then she wrote this morning to say she spotted bunny and he (of course could be a she) was shaking like a leaf. Then the shot above came through: he was so weak she was able to grab him and bring him home.

She is now bringing the bunny to a friend’s cousin, who is an animal rehabber. She provided some tips on how to keep a dehydrated, cold rabbit safe (apparently you are not supposed to put a found animal on a towel because the towel whisks the heat away from its body—you’re supposed to use a heating pad instead).

Send an email or comment if you know this bunny!



  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if some family got tired and left it there.. some human beings are really garbage… thank goodness for people like this who rescue and give love to these innocent animals.. when will people understand animals are NOT toys!

  2. What a wonderful heartwarming story (great tip re the blanket). There is a black cat that has been spotted and fed occasionally at night at 7 WTC. It is believed the cat was a pet, but tossed aside and could be in trouble. If anyone has seen him/her or has any knowledge please help! I am not knowledgeable about this,
    I read about the situation on NextDoor.

  3. Some people mistakenly think that domesticated pets can survive in the wild. Cats do not do well hunting for food. They contract parasites from animals they catch and feed on and sadly have a shorter life as they become filled with these parasites. If the cat will come to a human, please take it to a no kill shelter so it has the hope of being adopted. My daughter lives in Tribeca and rescued a cockatiel was was left on the street with its wings clipped. These sweet beings rely on the kindness of those seeing an animal in distress reach out to help.

  4. What a wonderful and kind person J. Is for saving this little soul.

  5. I am an animal lover and enjoy learning about innocent animals being saved