Nosy Neighbor: Is Mr. Exotix allowed to flash all night?

K. and B. wrote: “We live on the block across from the new Mr. Exotix and have been trying to determine if the neon flashing sign has a permit. It’s become such an eyesore for the building with the storefront décor in the first place, however what is most irritating is the lights that seem to be operating around the clock. I was under the impression that flashing signage was against NYC laws. There might not be any recourse for ugly, but the flashing we are praying is against the rules – it flashes right into our home.”

By the time I reached out to the Department of Buildings, they already had a complaint about the sign and they had sent an inspector to the scene to investigate the complaint.

Illuminated and flashing signs *are* allowed in the neighborhood as per zoning, but would require a DOB permit. And it appears that Mr. Exoctix does not have one. DOB inspectors visited the property this morning and issued a work without a permit violation for the illegal signage.

We will see where it goes from here…



  1. its also a dispensary…they hid all the weed and whatever else illegal they sell unde the middle drape 5 under the register. they think they are smooth trying to cover up what they opened this business for. and they opened it in like 3 days working after hours ao no one woudl notice. i live on church 1 block up.

  2. They should be reported for the illegal weed. Especially since there is a smoke shop 6feet away. There is no way they make money off the 20 items they sell. Report report and Report!!

  3. They tried to sell me weed when I walked in to check out the store a few weeks ago. Complete front. There were a few young school children in the store at the time too.