Deli coming to Chambers and Church

Well, this is a welcome sight! Since I still miss the deli that is now 30 Warren.

Robert Ripps caught the installation of a sign for Tribeca Deli & Grill coming to the northeast corner of Chambers and Church. Their rolldown gates are still down, and I have not found any record of them applying for a liquor license with CB1, so don’t know the plans quite yet. That was always a jewelry store, if my memory serves. Adding a grill and refrigeration seems like a project…

Note, as Robert said, the original name and the harrowing installation!

The neighborhood could definitely use more bodegas, IMO, though probably the folks near Jin Market feel it the deepest. The new CVS at Warren and Church is not a bad substitute, but nothing as good as Jin or Morgan’s.

Some neighbors have been watching this building since it is an art deco gem and it is also in the historic district. But from what I can tell there is nothing filed at the Department of Buildings and it has not changed hands since the 1980s.



  1. we have lived in this building for 45 years. soon to be no more. the living units above the ground floor are being rehabbed for new rentals. we are told.

  2. Seems you’ve a sentence to finish.