Updates on Warren Street Hotel and its restaurant

The Warren Street Hotel, the new project from the British boutique hotel chain Firmdale, with interiors by owner and designer Kit Kemp, is aiming to finish up this fall — in fact the sidewalk shed should be down by September (and hopefully that means the roadway will be cleared by then as well). The facade looks complete to me; they are still working on the eastern facade.

The hotel’s bid for a liquor license was sent back to committee at the CB1 full board meeting last month and though they are not currently on this month’s agenda for March 14, my guess is they will be added at the end as new business. A member of the board who lives at 275 Greenwich complained about the hotel’s lack of consideration for neighbors during construction, since they were able to secure weekend construction permits.

Since I last had an update from the general manager, Nick Hamdy, and Paul Underhill, Firmdale’s hotel operator, the hotel has added a 12th floor roof deck for hotel guests that will close at 10p. They said there would be no bar there, but that guests could order room service, including drinks. UPDATE: James knew the capacity! (Of course.) And Hamdy then followed up that it will handle 11 people on 1186 square feet. Hamdy could not tell me the capacity — he said it would be determined by the DOB. Kit Kemp and her team are working on the design for the seating layout. They also now have more terraces attached to private residences: five in total. Supposedly the private terraces close at 11p.

The restaurant, which still does not have a name but is called in the generic the “orangery/conservatory” or greenhouse, will be serving breakfast, lunch, tea (“we are a British company”) and dinner in an enclosed rear yard. It’s scheduled for 150 seats, half reserved for hotel guests and half for outsiders. There will be 36 tables for 100 people; 12 tables and a bar for 50 people. They expect to have a three-piece jazz band in the restaurant.

There is no outdoor space or enclosed rear yard for the restaurant; it is all indoors with no open windows, retractable roof or access to the outside. The name is TK.

The hotel itself will have 57 rooms and suites and 12 residences at the top for rent.



  1. I’m not crazy about the colors (especially the yellow on top) but I walked by the other day and it looks nice enough. The blue does give off a 90s vibe (I think there is some teal in it). Overall I welcome more color and I’d take it over dark gray or black, and it’s not too hard to change paint color down the road.

    Certainly an improvement over a parking lot!

  2. The Schedule A for Job 12120550 filed by the hotel (and approved but not “determined” by DOB) calls for an 11 person occupancy “PASSIVE RECREATION ROOF INCLUDING OCCUPIED BACK OF ROOF, ACCESSORY TO RESIDENCES.”