Chip City opens next week

Chip City, the local cookie chain that took one of the spaces at 325 Greenwich at Duane, will open next week on Friday, March 17.

I will elaborate more once they are open and we all get to sample the goods, but in the meantime, here’s some of the backstory:

The company was founded by Bronx Science classmates Peter Philips and Teddy Gailas, who, nearly two decades ago when they were teens, decided they should open a business together. They went for it in 2017 — Peter coming from the construction trades and Teddy from the restaurants (his parents ran the Moonstruck Diner) sort of on a whim. They opened Chip City in Astoria, hoping to sell 100 cookies a day.

They now sell thousands a day — this will be their 18th store and they are on track to open 35 (!) by the end of the year.

Their model is small retail spaces, since they make and freeze all the dough at their 18,000-square-foot facility in College Point. (They have 40 employees there and expect to have 200 total by the end of the year.) The cookies are baked fresh at each location.

“You’ll get hit right away with the aroma,” Peter promised.

They have 18 classic flavors plus another couple dozen recipes, but only keep six in rotation at each shop, swapping them out each week. They add in seasonal flavors and super specialties — ones that only come out once a year. Stay tuned for that with the baklava cookie for Greek easter — wrapped in phyllo dough, honey and walnuts — Peter’s favorite (next to chocolate peanut butter) coming April 14.



  1. does this mean Clementine is not going to be in that space? it’s hard to tell from the pic.

  2. Fun! Really interested in trying that Greek cookie! In the meantime, my absolute favorite cookie in the city is from Funny Face in the seaport. They’re mostly known for their custom pop culture cookies but I love how their choco chip is buttery, crisp on the outside, hefty, not too sweet, and has big chocolate chunks. I’ll have to give Chip City a try as well and see how they compare!

  3. There’s a Chip City in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by my office. We stop in their occasionally to purchase a box of mixed cookies for meetings. They’re not cheap (Not outrageous either. Much cheaper than a single scoop cone across the street), but the key thing to remember is that the cookies are quite large (thick) and we always cut them in half for serving. Good luck to them. It will be nice to see something (anything other than a “smoke shop” ) occupy those spaces.