The Tribeca toile of Fouquet’s New York

More soon on the hotel itself, but in the meantime, here’s a little peek at the Tribeca toile that the developers of Fouquet’s New York had designed by F. Schumacher & Co. for their rooms. It’s so charming that it deserved its own post.

Warning: some of these geographic anachronisms — don’t know what else to call them but you wordsmiths no doubt will (Jane?) — might set a true local’s teeth on edge. Greene Street is not anywhere near (well, in the hyperlocal sense) Ladder 8, but if you can lean into it, it’s good fun.

Look for the little French details, like the pigeon with the croissant.



  1. The word is anatopism (or anachorism).

  2. What a cool idea – and well executed too!

    Love the Par-ici restaurant in Fouquets…
    Great food & experience…

    It started slow at the beginning but I see word of mouth going around and now they’re very busy most nights

  3. What a charming detail! They have really gone all out on the design, down to the bar glassware. I am hoping that they are able to open their roof bar soon.

  4. Don’t waist your time at this hotel. I’ve recommended it to friends only to receive not great reviews. I checked it out myself thinking how bad could it be. It was one of the coldest days we had all winter, I told friends to meet me there. Not only could we not have a seat int he hotel, the manager took no responsibility for the bar informing me it was a different establishment. As you would have guessed, it was reservations only. Another invader in the neighborhood without adding anything for those that already live here.

  5. Love it! I wonder if you can buy the wallpaper.