Five Boro Bike Tour scheduled for May 7

The annual Five Boro Bike Tour, run by Bike New York, is scheduled for May 7, so mark your calendars if you need to get in and out of the neighborhood that day and/or you want to sleep in.

The start of the race will be at Franklin and Church, with the tour’s 32,000 participants staged down to Battery Park. Street closings on Worth, Walker and Franklin will start the night before by midnight; Church Street will close starting at 5:30a on Sunday till 6:30 that night.

Because there are representatives of the mayor and the city who announce the start of the race, the organizers will set up 13 speakers placed along the route from Franklin to Duane. Last year they had 24 speakers, and they reduced it at the request of the community board. The committee also asked that the speakers not face residential buildings and asked that they not run tests too early prior to the race. (They said the AV company has a decibel reader so that neighbors will not hear the speeches in their homes, but that is just a silly notion. Of course if there’s a speaker on Church you can hear it no matter what.)

They did create a hotline for the day’s events for complaints: 374-808184