Seen & Heard: Robert Janz documentary screening

The documentary film “Janz in the Moment,” which follows the late artist Robert Janz for two years, will be available to screen from March 23 at 9a to March 26 at 3p for $7. Get tickets here. There will also be a live Q&A with the filmmakers on March 26 at noon.

The Chambers Street clothing store Nelly looks like it is closing for good. Never been in there, but hate to see another storefront close on Chambers.

Just keeping tabs on the openings and closings of smoke shops around the neighborhood. This one is on Chambers\.

G-Gallery and the non-profit Painting the Future will host an art exhibition for Ukrainians at 404 Broadway from March 18 – 24, with an opening on the 18th at 7:30p. There will be daily Ukrainian-themed events at 7:30p as well as daily art workshops for displaced Ukrainian children. The art will be auctioned online at the conclusion of the showings. All proceeds will benefit displaced Ukrainian children. See more info here.



  1. this smoke shop has illegally opened 3 of these in last three months…chambers and araound corner on broadway and fulton or i think john st….its totally mind boggling this city could give a sh-t; shut these shady companies down even though i love weed…
    guess you have to wait till one of these stores sells the wrong drug that is laced and kills someone…thats how our city works. wait for something to happen and then maybe act.

    • Ask the Governor and the one-party-controlled state legislature. In its rush to simultaneously legalize marijuana (and create a monopoly on retailing), it all but decriminalized use and sale. Adams is drowning and resorting to arguably illegal searches and seizures.

      ” A City Hall spokesperson said the sheriff’s office has authority under city administrative code as part of the Department of Finance to inspect stores where cigarettes or tobacco products are sold, and to seize any evidence of unlawful activity found in the process.

      ” ‘The Sheriff, along with the other agencies on the enforcement task force, all have broad legal authorities to conduct business inspections, which have been exercised for years and allow for the seizing of illegal contraband,’ said City Hall spokesperson Charles Lutvak.

      ” ‘While we continue to call on the State Legislature to make changes to the cannabis law that would strengthen the city’s enforcement capabilities further, the multi-agency citywide task force created under the leadership of Mayor Adams remains committed to utilizing its legal authority to ensure businesses are in full compliance with the law,’ he added.

      “City Hall officials didn’t respond when asked about the allegations that the sheriff’s authority to enter establishments is being employed at times in lieu of a search warrant.

      “But Lance Lazzaro, an attorney who represents many cigarette and tobacco retailers, said the concerns are ‘150%’ on the nose.

      ” ‘What they do is use the sheriff to go in there and go under the guise of ‘We’re doing a regulatory inspection’ and the police are going in with them,’ he said. ‘They’re not getting warrants. It’s wrong. It’s illegal.’ ”


  2. How is it that you can’t park a car illegally for two minutes without getting a ticket yet a store can open and operate illegally and without consequence?

    • ^Right? Word! And the one on Church Street is a Vegas light show at night. Can we file to make Tribeca a national Dark Park please? And for the record, a-okay about weed too but can we please apply the “no golden arches” rule? With all the new art galleries coming back down here, let’s have the buzz match the vibe — a wonderful, peaceful place to stroll and support all our other long-term amazing local businesses!

    • …and counterfeit vendors can set up an illegal outdoor market occupying multiple streets, completely blocking sidewalks, and police just pretend not to see it.

      • 45-year resident. The police don’t pretend not to see it. They know what they’re seeing and what their instructions are. This has gone on through multiple administrations.

        The fact is that when they sweep these people up it turns the burden of feeding and housing (institutionalizing) them to taxpayers. The presumption is that letting them do their thing at least keeps them off public assistance rolls. I’m not justifying any of this but the police, at the direction of the city, are permitting them to make their rent and feed themselves.

        • Valid points, DGI. Thank you for that.

          Feeding and housing them on tax dollars vs. letting the illegal bazaars persist are not the only options. There is at least one other option: These “entrepeneurs” could take on legitimate work instead. And in my view, it’s a good use of my tax dollars to support work training and work placement programs, as paths to legitimate work.

          Furthermore, allowing this to persist surely has economic costs. Presumably these salespeople pay little or no sales or income tax, nor licensing fees, nor rent for retail space, etc. They also may damage legitimate businesses–which would rent space, pay taxes, etc.–which cannot compete. Not to mention the indirect costs, in that the counterfeit industry feeds organized crime, exploitative labor conditions, and has even been linked to supporting terrorism. Etc.

          • All good points as well. It’s just frustrating that the situation has remained in this unsatisfactory stasis for decades.

  3. With the growing mass addiction to marijuana, at least we should press for restriction of (along with actual enforcement against) its use in public spaces. Even if people have a right to inhale whatever toxins they wish, they should not be inflicting those psychoactive pollutants on unwilling others. Common courtesy should be sufficient to motivate avoiding the infliction of this skunk smoke on others, but apparently such courtesy is not so common.

    Last week staff of our gym were smoking weed right outside the doors of the gym. Just what I need to breathe before my workout.

    Recently when I was in Central Park a smoker was producing clouds of the noxious fumes which traveled far and wide. One of the great benefits of Central Park is the air quality….not this time.

    Per the CDC:
    “Secondhand marijuana smoke contains many of the same toxic and cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke and contains some of those chemicals in higher amounts.”

    “Secondhand marijuana smoke also contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound responsible for most of marijuana’s psychoactive effects (or the “high”). [P]eople exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke can experience psychoactive effects, such as feeling high.”

    • Marcus, that ship has sailed….and anyway, aren’t the second-hand smoke studies based on exposure to smoke indoors rather than outdoors?

    • In response to James. Your 100 correct. Psychoses is a big one with this Pot use. It is addictive. People acting Manic from it. Driving cars. Working jobs high. Its just not good or right. Families are being affected by this. The THC is through the roof. No one really knows what’s in this so called POT from these shady places. I hope and pray they all shut down. I think we only really have two legal ones in the city.

  4. I highly recommend the film, “Janz in the Moment.” Robert was a legend in our neighborhood and the film is excellent. You will spot many Tribeca locations as the film follows him while he is working on his outdoor installations.

  5. More on the incompetence from NY State on cannabis.

    The City: “Why Can’t Legal Cannabis Sellers Open Shops? Sometimes NY State Is Their Adversary”

    “[…] So far, not a single one of the individuals awarded a ‘Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary’ (CAURD) license who want to open on their own have done so. The fund itself has only managed to get two dispensaries up and running — both of them temporary pop-ups, including one that opened in Ithaca on Thursday.

    “Meanwhile, nonprofit groups have opened two licensed dispensaries in Manhattan: the Union Square Travel Agency, which is partnered with The Doe Fund, and Housing Works Cannabis Co.

    “Openings lag Gov. Kathy Hochul’s pronouncement in October that 20 dispensaries would be up and running by the end of 2022, with 20 more each following month. Meanwhile, about 1,500 smoke shops are selling cannabis illegally in New York City alone, city officials estimate. […]“