New Cookie on the Block: Chip City

So yes, N. and I kept it simple and just ordered one of each — there are only ever six cookies on offer at Chip City locations; the roster of 50 flavors rotates every week. And even just a bite of each one of these confections will knock you out. We went right off to eat greens.

But truly, these are excellent cookies and we agreed a tin-full makes the perfect hostess gift. Each cookie is huge — bigger than palm-sized and a good 3/4-inch thick. They are packed with goodies, whether it’s an explosion of Nutella or a cluster of white chocolate chips. The bakers don’t skimp. And a cookie is $4.50, but it easily feeds two. (They also sell coffee, tea, matcha and five kinds of milk.)

But the real appeal is the texture. Each cookie has a discernable crust, and since we got ours warm, they are crispy on the outside while just the right amount of chewy — not gooey — on the inside. (Well, the Lucky Charms was gooey, but that one is in a category of its own.) That’s something you can only achieve with a thick cookie.

N.’s favorite was the straight-up chocolate chip (we also sampled the dairy free chocolate chip, which definitely packs less of a punch) but I would — if forced to choose — go with Nutella Sea Salt, which on the outside looks like a peanut butter cookie but in fact is really a rich, buttery brown sugar cookie with toasted hazelnuts (so good) and a hidden pocket of Nutella in the middle. From N.: “For me, the Nutella is more of a special occasion cookie. It’s an event. Take it home and take your time eating it.”

The confetti tasted like sprinkles — it was not our fave, but it would be a big hit with the kids because it’s so festive. The triple chocolate was chock-a-block with milk, dark and white chocolate chips. And then there’s the Lucky Charms, one of their specials out for St. Patrick’s and in this case it was a brain fog of sugar: a Lucky Charms flour cookie filled with a pocket of marshmallow Fluff, iced and then topped with Lucky Charms marshmallows. It was insane. (It’s also $6.50.)

These are on the other side of the cookie spectrum from what might be my favorite cookie in the neighborhood, even if it is super boring and adult: the GF breakfast cookie at Frenchette Bakery. There’s also Insomnia Cookies and of course Duane Park Patisserie’s fabulous cookies for all occasions (though my fave is the chocolate leaves). What am I missing?

Chip City was founded by Bronx Science classmates Peter Philips and Teddy Gailas, who, nearly two decades ago when they were teens, decided they should open a business together. They went for it in 2017 — Peter coming from the construction trades (he does the store buildouts himself) and Teddy from restaurants (his parents ran the Moonstruck Diner) — sort of on a whim. They opened Chip City in Astoria, hoping to sell 100 cookies a day.

They now sell thousands a day — this will be their 18th store and they are on track to open 35 (!) by the end of the year.

Their model is small retail spaces, since they make and freeze all the dough at their 18,000-square-foot facility in College Point. (They have 40 employees there and expect to have 200 total by the end of the year.) The cookies are baked fresh at each location.

“You’ll get hit right away with the aroma,” Peter promised.

They have 18 classic flavors plus another couple dozen recipes, but only keep six in rotation at each shop, swapping them out each week. They add in seasonal flavors (lemon berry, pumpkin spice) and super specialties — ones that only come out once a year. Stay tuned for the baklava cookie for Greek Easter — wrapped in phyllo dough, honey and walnuts — Peter’s favorite (next to chocolate peanut butter) coming April 14.

Chip City
325 Greenwich at Duane



  1. So what is the status of Clementine Cafe right next door? Its signs have been up forever – for years (!). While construction has been going on, this too has gone on for months, maybe years. Realize there was (or maybe still is) a landlord problem but this cookie shop presumably has the same landlord.

  2. It was so good and everyone was so nice. I’m gonna get big cuz I’ve been there twice already ha

  3. there is definitely a landlord problem. Scaffolding promised to come down for the new businesses in his building. Issues with Gas.

  4. Great Chocolate Chip cookie. The young staff is very nice. Welcome to Greenwich Street!

  5. Welcome to the neighborhood, Chip City – the more options for fresh baked cookies, the better!!
    Pam: if you haven’t tried the Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies at One White Street’s Market – wow, just wow ;))