New school coming eventually to 2 Hudson Square?

At this point I can no longer remember where I first saw this, but here’s what I know: a new school will be built into 2 Hudson Square, aka 76 Varick on Canal, whenever (and if) it is finally developed. Of course who knows what the future holds for a site that was scheduled to be office, but I am putting this down for the record.

The plan is for a K-5, 433-seat school. It is currently included in the capital plan for the School Construction Authority. But, the SCA said, “There is no timeline for the project and there is no further information available at this time.”

This seems like huge news, no? Or am I the last to know?

I have never been able to reach anyone — either the architects (SHoP), the developer (Taconic Partners), Trinity Church (the landowner) or the Hudson Square BID — to get renderings or details on the site. And I am done trying. YIMBY had these drawings in 2020.



  1. Thank you for bringing this issue into the sunlight.

    This *skyscaper* project with a public school @ the base, has been on a non-existent burner since the 2012 HS Rezoning. This was heralded as the initial development of the rezoning, a 3-5 year construction commencing in 2013. The rezoning was entirely driven by Trinity Church Wall Street, owner of 40% of the land in the self-titled “Hudson Square”.

    It is *as of right* 490 ft, which will make it the tallest building north of Wall Street. Indeed, HUGE; some also question the idea of a pre-k -5th grade for 452 children at the axis of Holland Tunnel traffic hell.

    This property has been the site of endless “pop-ups” for 10+ years, Trinity’s residential neighbors endure year after year after year of Trinity’s hand-picked tenants “pop-up” constructions, including the 4 year run of a banging all outdoor party bar, as seen here:

    The current use of the 30,000 sq ft lot is as a staging ground for the MTA’s substation project going on in the Grand Canal Court.

    There’s more to come; directly adjacent to 76 Varick is decommissioned Sullivan Street and Duarte Square, a NYC Park. These are both included with the skyscaper with school in Schedule B of the 2012 HS Rezoning.

    A long awaited DEP sewer project is commencing in Duarte soon.

    These are major, complicated, multi-year and intertwined projects. Communication to the residential stakeholders isn’t the strong suit of Trinity, and that’s by design. Perhaps Kasirer, Trinity’s PR, can lend some further information.

  2. As every downtown elementary school is under enrolled right now – seems like a strange addition?