Delmonico’s will return to Beaver Street

Delmonico’s, one of the city’s longest running restaurants, open since 1837, looks like it is reopening despite an ongoing feud between past owners.

The current operators, represented by owner Dennis Turcinovic of DRG Hospitality, appeared before CB1’s Licensing Committee last month and were approved for a new liquor license in the space, which has the name Delmonico’s etched into the building and is a city landmark. They will have 260 seats at 60 tables with 30 at the bar.

Turcinovic worked there for 22 years, he said — Eater reports that he is the son of an ex-partner, Branko Turcinovic, who was divested of ownership rights in a lawsuit with the other family that claims to hold rights over the restaurant. In fact the website still says that the people opening the restaurant are not the “real” Delmonico’s. “It has come to our attention that former associates have been misrepresenting themselves as the owners of Delmonico’s,” the website says. “This is untrue and legal action has been commenced.”

But in fact the folks at the CB1 meeting seem to have the lease from the landlord and they are certainly the ones pursuing the liquor license.

You can read Eater’s breakdown of the saga here.

“This will be the same as we have done for 22 years,” said Turcinovic at the meeting. “We are good with the residents and we always have been.”



  1. Good stuff. I am glad DRG is moving forward with the work of opening the space instead of doing nothing, not paying rent, issuing multiple lawsuits against landlords, ex-partners and ‘trademark infringers’. Can’t wait to go there and support the business!

  2. I really enjoyed that place at lunch time. They always had the best soups.