Lekka Burger will close at the end of the month

Lekka Burger, the vegan burger joint created by South African philanthropist Andrea Kerzner and Michelin-starred chef Amanda Cohen, will close on March 29, and it’s a real loss. (Thanks to T., who hated to be the bearer of bad news.) I thought this would be a favorite spot of the little leagues and teenagers much like Shake Shack is in the Goldman breezeway, but it could not recover from the blow that was covid. Even Mulberry & Vine, the fast casual a couple storefronts down that was wildly popular, could not make it back after the office workers dissipated in the neighborhood.

The flagship opened at 81 Warren in November 2019, tough timing to get a foothold in those Tribeca-quiet months, and then the world shut down. But they still have their other restaurant at the Urbanspace at 570 Lex. nationwide deliver from Goldbelly and said there is more to come: “Hopefully we will be announcing some exciting news in the next month as well,” said manager Jazz Mace. “As sad as we are to be letting go of our flagship store, we are definitely excited about what is in store for Lekka.”

Kerzner, whose fascinating family history comes with some serious credentials in the hospitality business (Sun City, Atlantis, Mohegan Sun, to name a few) cold-called Cohen, the veggie chef from the adored LES restaurant Dirt Candy, when she decided to combine her hospitality background with her own concerns about the beef industry and climate change (the restaurants also produce no consumer trash).

“The whole idea is how can we come up with the best plant-based burger that tastes good not just to vegans but to people who are maybe trying to cut back on meat,” said Andrea at the store opening.

They promised to let me know if anything new is on the horizon.



  1. Well this is REALLY sad news… the burgers are great and with nothing similar in the vegan world… :(

  2. This is a HUGE loss for the neighborhood; there is nothing else quite like Lekka in the vicinity.

    Here’s hoping there’s a way for them to make a sufficient profit by operating a smaller takeout/delivery space nearby. PLEASE COME BACK TO US.

  3. Very sad news. Sorry to hear it is going. Hope they find a way to return to the neighborhood!

  4. Seriously, don’t go!

  5. Devastated by this news. We just ate there last week! Lekka burgers are truly innovative and delicious. And the french fries with za’atar and the heavenly cheese sauce? Some of the best fries I’ve ever eaten. Really hope Lekka can return one day!

  6. Heart breaking to hear. This is my husband and my go-to spot, and the BEST place for vegan chili-cheese fries. Their special monthly burgers and shakes are what we looked forward to each month :( +1, Don’t go!!!

  7. Nooo! Me, my husband and my kids love their fries and dairy free milkshakes!