Picasso Pizza, a stalwart of Battery Park City, has closed

A. sent word that Picasso Pizza, a stalwart in Battery Park City for 26 years and a second-generation family-run business, has closed. D. and J. were good enough to send the pictures — and a note that D.’s kids are devastated. They are not the only ones.

“My heart is broken,” wrote Mia on one of the notes. “Please come back.” (And an odd one, especially coming from a local: “Please relocate to Florida where elected officials care about small business.”)

The restaurant, on South End Avenue just south of Gateway, opened in 1996 with owner Michael Magliulo Jr. learning the ropes from his father, who started making pizza in the ’50s in Naples. They imported their mozzarella from Italy and only used San Marzano tomatoes in their sauce. A note on the website seems to blame the owner of the space: “Michael Magliulo Jr., the subtenant of this unit, couldn’t access a fair new lease as a tenant.” The landlord is LeFrak, which owns all of Gateway.

But they thanked the neighbors and their staff. “It is through our great team and loyal guests that we had such a tremendous run. We want to thank the BPC community and beyond for their support during covid-19 and patronage over the years.”



  1. Amazing place, many great meals and memories. Your ziti slice and eggplant parm will never be forgotten!!!! Will miss Picasso and the team there…. arrivederci

  2. This makes me so sad. We lived in south BPC for about 17 years and Picasso was a big part of our experience. Not only did they serve great pizza (huge slices BTW!) but they were wonderful neighbors. Always willing to donate to local school fundraisers and smiling and waving to neighbors as folks walked by their windows. They helped make that neighborhood special. I really hope all of the guys who worked there were taken care of and have found new employment. Very sad for the neighborhood.

  3. We need to unite and help support businesses that make up our community. Picasso pizza is my 8 year old sons favorite pizza in all of nyc.

  4. What a shame! I’m curious to find out what the revised lease amount and term was?? How could LeFrak not of been able to reach an agreement with such a quality tenant??

  5. Is there anything we can do to bring Picasso’s back?

    Picasso’s has been my favorite pizza place for literally 26 years since I was four years old when my family first moved to the area. I still remember waving through the window to the folks making the pizza, and it has been an affordable and tasty place for lunch in an increasingly unaffordable neighborhood.

    LeFrak claims to be a “a preeminent, family-owned property company committed to community development and long term ownership” on the front page of their website. How could they not keep a long-term family-run business like Picasso’s? This is not right.

  6. LeFrak is being incredibly short-sighted to run out businesses like this which directly contribute to the value that residents of Gateway see of living in this neighborhood.

    They have to be incredibly stupid to think that nickel and dime-ing a pizza place to the point of going out of business is somehow a brilliant business move if they can’t see how this directly de-values the area for their real cash cow which is the Gateway apartments.

    Utter idiocy.

  7. Sounds like LeFrak wanted to extort Picasso on the new lease. Shame on them. Maybe they can put another illegal cannabis store in place… i hear they pay in all cash…

  8. Typical story that is playing out all over this city on a daily basis. Greedy landlords pushing out small business with extortionate rent hike. They will keep the space empty until they can find a corporate tenant.

    Meanwhile, residential rents will somehow keep going out despite the continual drain of amenities and services

  9. We will miss you and the BEST PIZZA EVER!!! SAD BUT WE UNDERSTAND! ❤️❤️❤️ PIZZA just like the one we only eat in Italy !!!!

  10. Neighborhood won’t be the same without “PICASSO PIZZA” and for shure!!!
    I know the FATHER, I know MICHAEL and they together belong to a special class of real people !!! SAD VERY SAD, we loose our values … …

  11. English guy and first business trip back to NYC since pandemic. Prior to spent 6-8 weeks a year in BPC staying at 375 SEA. Absolutely gutted seeing Picasso is shut. I never tasted better pizza anywhere in the World since first visit to Picasso in 2012. Wish the family and all BPC community all the best.

  12. Shocked to hear the news while searching for Picasso Pizza, hoping to try their vodka pizza again after moving back to the city. Their pizza, especially the vodka pizza, was unmatched during my time here. As a former Gateway resident, my friends from overseas loved it too, and we were all amazed by their unique flavors. It’s really disappointing to hear they’ve closed, and it’s a loss for the BPC community. I wish I had been in the city earlier after COVID to support their comeback. Very sad and frustrating.