Seen & Heard: A way to report unlicensed cannabis shops

For everyone’s latest pet peeve CB1 might have a solution: The office is collecting information on stores to submit to the New York State Office of Cannabis Management, which has the ability to issue cease and desist letters and shut down stores if needed. Use this form to send all the relevant information so that the office can send information to the Office of Cannabis Management in aggregate.

CB1 has also been sending a list of shops to the Department of Consumer & Worker Protection to make sure they have the right permits to sell tobacco and vape cartridges. See the list of stores that they have inspected here.

Caliza, the new Mexican restaurant at N. Moore and Greenwich, is serving brunch as of this past Saturday. Saturday hours are 11a to 2:30p, and Sunday hours are 11a to 3:30p. (They are closed for dinner on Sundays.) Click through to the Resy page to see more info.

…and a relieved owner. J. sent a note: “an older gentleman’s corgi mix escaped its harness on west Broadway at Duane and darted down West Broadway as fast as it could and untethered. The older gentleman took off screaming after his dog but there was zero chance he would ever catch the animal. I then saw a youngish man, maybe late 20s, break away from the girl he was walking with on Duane run and cover the length of the block and follow the dog down Thomas. I too followed and when I made my way to Thomas the young man was doing his best to hop back and forth blocking the dog from making its way to Hudson and into traffic while the older gentleman finally caught up. Once he had the harness on again the older gentleman was visibly upset and relieved at the same time. As he walked away I told the young man he saved two lives and to cherish it.”



  1. Although the presence of the “smoke shops” makes for a lot of visual noise and meaningless clutter, I can’t see how militating to close them down is really helpful. The proliferation of venues for a product doesn’t have any logical effect on the demand for it, and therefore, doesn’t impose any additional impact on a given locality.

    What people should be demanding is not that the state expend resources on closing them down but on _collecting tax revenue on their sales_ (!) which was ostensibly the reason for passing legalization to begin with, and which would actually have a positive effect on the city and its residents.

  2. Caliza has gotten several bad reviews. Have others heard anything good about the food?

    • I actually haven’t heard anything but good things. I went to brunch and it was fantastic. I know they had some trouble getting gas from the city causing them to be open with a very small menu for a period of time. Food and drinks are def delicious. Nice energy as well.