Repaving starts on the West Street bike path

The Hudson River Park bike path — which is actually part of the state Route 9A, aka West Street — will be under construction for the next four months as the state Department of Transportation repaves the length of it between Battery Place and 57th Street.

Prep work already started and the project should be completed by June 30.

Work will be done overnight between 9p and 5a and will be completed in sections of several blocks at a time, beginning with various locations between Warren and West 54th Street. Both bike lanes will be diverted into an overnight lane closure on highway during work operations. Flag persons will be stationed at the ends of the work zone to manage bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

Some park entrances will be closed during the overnight periods.

The work will include the temporary removal of bollards, placement of temporary concrete barriers, pavement milling, paving, line striping and eventually the re-installation of bollards.

You can contact state DOT directly:



  1. Confused why this gets so much attention when the Upper Manhattan portion along the Henry Hudson, also part of 9A, is completely ignored and is a broken, tree-root-ridden mess. Of course this is the busiest bike path in the country but the existing conditions seemed fine. Upper Manhattan routes are nearly unusable.

  2. The Hudson River Greenway from TriBeCa to West 57th takes cyclists through the wealthy areas of SoHo, The Village, Chelsea and Midtown.
    When the same path was shut down between 181st and Dyckman – a working-class area – , Hudson River Greenway cyclists demanded a similar lane closure, but we got a so-called ‘detour’ onto Broadway instead. It was both dangerous and a mile out of the way.
    And bollards will be replaced in those wealthy areas. But uptown THERE AREN’T ANY BOLLARDS FOR FOUR MILES. This in an area in which private cars are sometimes seen driving or parking in the bollard-free bike path. The bias in values of lives between wealthy and working class is quite clear.

  3. Downtown it seems we have issues that are similar to uptown- vehicles that should not be on the path that are on the path. Every time I ride along the river, there are at least two motorcycle riders speeding along, countless e-scooters, e- bikes (both regular and delivery) with absolutely no law enforcement of the rules stating that electric vehicles are not permitted on this bicycle path. This has been going on for years. When will these dangerous conditions be addressed?

  4. I walked out this morning to see the mess left behind by the pavers: tar all over the intersection of Warren & West, rubble, and a general disgusting, dirty aftermath. It’s as if they fixed the path and ruined the surrounding area. I called 311, and they recorded my complaint, but they say there is a 14 day response time. I would suggest if other neighbors are also disturbed by the disrespect of the road crew for their surrounding work area, that they file a complaint. If anyone has a better idea for where to report the mess, please share it here.