Scenes from an arraignment

There was enough media at 100 Centre yesterday for Donald Trump’s arraignment that there will be content for years, but I wanted to save my photos here on the site nonetheless. If anyone has anything else good, email them to me and I will add to this post.

Things were not too too crazy when I wandered over to Collect Pond Park yesterday around 1 — right before Trump was scheduled to arrive. (I had been by first thing in the morning — it appeared that the news crews had been there for hours already.) In fact, the protestors on both sides all seemed a little sleepy, which I guess is a good outcome in the end.

I am sorry I missed Marjorie Taylor Greene and George Santos — the colorful characters that they are — that would have been a real sighting.

The police created a sort-of DMZ down the middle of the park with barricades, and there’s was some yelling across the aisle, but for the most part things seemed pretty tame.

Trump arrived around 2 and left the courthouse around 3:30. He is not due back in court until Dec. 4.



  1. Thanks Pam.

    Do you/does anyone know what the city plans to do with Collect Pond Park? It has long been abandoned – the water feature (intended to represent Collect Pond) has been dry for years, the landscaping is non-existent and frankly, it has become a bit of an eyesore with trash in the bushes etc. It is a large piece of public land that could be so much nicer.

  2. Trump2024

    America does ( well, should not) not criminalize it’s politicians running for office like Venezuela Mexico or Cuba
    But democrats ( which I used to be ) are now full blown communists