Ol’ Days is open on Warren

Ol’ Days, the small cafe chain that started in Argentina and has another location in Nomad, opened Wednesday at 73 Warren, between Greenwich and West Broadway. More when I have time to grab lunch, but in the meantime hours are 7:30a to 7:30p. There’s table service as well as a to-go menu and they have a liquor license.

The company was started nine years ago by two Argentinian sisters, Martina and Juliana Fracchia, and their longtime family friend, Camila Basigalup. The two families have been intertwined for years: the women’s two sets of parents are partners in a huge food company that makes the syrups for coffee companies including Starbucks. One sister designs the menu and interiors, the other handles the business side of things. (“We make a great match,” said Juliana, who is in the picture below with her staff. “We started working together when I was 20 and we are used to working with family.”

The menu is familiar — they describe it as “farm-to-table” with all-day brunch, pancakes, veggie bowls, the requisite avocado toast (all in the $15 range). Sandwiches are about $20 and the mains go up to $36. Since one of their four locations is in Miami, they have the coffee roaster María Esther Thome-López supplying the coffee program. They make their almond milk fresh daily.

And the interior is familiar too. From what I can tell, they have not done much to change the design that Mulberry & Vine created — or even renovate at all for that matter — other than to add some murals on their theme of lemon trees (that’s their logo — an homage to their grandmother) and tables in the back by the counter. The cafe is table service, but the long counter is still there with coffee service behind.

The space now has 80 indoor seats and the mezzanine can seat up to 30 guests.

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  1. I did not eat there yet but went in the place and it is somewhat expensive. Advertised as a cafe but it is a restaurant that has coffee.

  2. $20 for a sandwich?

  3. I had brunch, food was fresh and latte was perfect! The service was very accommodating for all requests. Prices were typical for farm to table fresh food. There are some kinks, no decaf coffee, somewhat slower service, but all were addressed and were noted. The place gave off neighborhood vibe.

  4. This place is outstanding. The food was delicious and probably one of the healthiest places in the neighborhood (they even make their own ketchup!). The server went out of his way to make my family feel comfortable as we went with 2 very energetic toddlers.
    I can’t recommend it enough.