Lots of bad luck for Tribeca

The corners of Greenwich, West Broadway and Church along Warren have been tagged in chalk by the street artist Felix Morelo, who has added several “Bad Luck Spots” — and much fewer and smaller “Good Luck Spots” to the sidewalk.

Maybe I am being over sensitive, but it seems to me that other neighborhoods have had much bigger Good Luck Spots than we have — and way smaller Bad Luck Spots. It hurts. (Though I would like to see how he draws those perfect circles…) Plus those biggies interrupted the flow: I like to think I am not superstitious but I still found myself skirting the edges of the Bad Luck circles.

See below for one neighbor’s commentary.

Morelo, who lives in Queens, is a painter, sculptor, printmaker, book maker, performance and street artist who studied painting at Parsons and drawing at The Art Students League. He started drawing chalk faces on the sidewalks around 2009 and eventually had them lead to the Good and Bad Luck Spots.

In 2021, he received grant funding from City Artist Corps Grants to paint murals of his Good Luck Spots on walls throughout the city. He[s also gotten more specific in other locations, adding Kissing Spots or Buying Spots, etc.

The Westside Spirit asked him why the bad luck: “That is how life is,” Morello said. “There’s the good and the bad. I think that all societies have something like that. In China, they have the yin and yang.”


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  1. hehe this is fun. thanks Felix! thanks TC for posting. makes me smile on this happy gray Monday. pssssst people – the pandemic is over (yes! i’m saying it!). F fear news! smile and laugh.

  2. Who asked for his imprimatur?
    Take a hike!