The spaces in between

1 Park Row (at Ann) has been leveled, so there was a chance to see the courtyard of the landmarked 15 Park Row. Before it’s covered up again by the 23-story tower, I wanted to get these up.

The developers of 1 Park Row won’t share renderings with me, but YIMBY has some here. (Never can be sure that they are for real, or not old, but it’s the best I can do for now.) The work started there in early 2020; DOB records show the building will be 23 stories and 305 feet tall (doesn’t seem possible on that small lot? but maybe it’s not as small as it looks).

The architect is Fogarty Finger (their offices are on Walker) whose portfolio is mostly in Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey City. YIMBY says the building will have 103,000 square feet with 58 condominiums in one-, two-, and three-bedroom configurations, along with 19,000 square feet of commercial office and retail space on the lower levels.



  1. So those lot line windows get covered? Ugh.

  2. I work in the area and the last thing this city needs are more expensive apartments. We need stores and affordable places to eat. Small businesses built this city. The oversized buildings are not attractive.

    • If you do not live in the area, it is not surprising that you do not think more apartments are needed.

      The law of supply and demand means that more apartments at any price will increase supply and help modulate rents over the long run.

    • I don’t think apartments are causing any shortage of stores and affordable dining. There are plenty of street-level vacancies for business use. Seems to be that the problem is the rents, which make it impossible for brick-and-mortar businesses to survive without charging a premium.

      Now I would say we need more affordable apartments….

  3. That side of the building was always ugly so I hope the new building covers up what looks like a very unfinished building from the street. Anything built there will be an improvement of what we look at now.

  4. Regarding stores and affordable places to eat:

    Has any of the street-level retail space on Park Row between Ann and Beekman Streets been rented? This area used to have bustle and energy from J&R; now, the for-rent spaces appear empty and lifeless. The block from Beekman to Spruce also seems to lack energy, except for the Pace College art gallery.

    What commercial rent is being asked for this area?

  5. The design is hideous

  6. Wasn’t the 15 Park Row building the tallest building in the world at the beginning of the 20th century?