Cocktail bar open at Sixth and Walker

L. caught sight of the new name for what was for years called The Lime House (but never opened): Grand Eleven is open now at 11 Sixth Avenue, the two-story brick building next to Tribeca Tavern. The hours were updated by the owners on Google two weeks ago. It’s a fabulous looking space — open for now on just the first floor, but with one and a half more to come.

I will get in there this week since from what I can tell online, their license expires April 30.


They were last in front of CB1 as a renewal in March 2021; the sign for Lime House went on the door in 2019; looking back in the archives, the business has been trying to open there (on the west side of Sixth between Walker and White) since 2013!

Hours, according to the liquor license, are Sunday to Wednesday, 11a to 2a, and Thursday to Saturday, 11a to 4a.



  1. Can you explain more about what it indicates that they are just now opening but their license expires end of April? Does it look like they’ll have the opportunity to renew it? Thanks!