Longtime manager of garage is killed in building collapse

The longtime manager of the parking garage at 57 Ann was killed in the building collapse late afternoon on Tuesday, Gothamist reported yesterday. “Willis Moore, whose LinkedIn page and employment records cite him as a ‘location manager’ for Little Man Parking, worked at the garage for at least 14 years, according to a woman who knew him,” the news site reported.

Anna Beskin, the director of the Faculty Center at Pace who kept her car there a couple days a week, said while she did not know Moore well, she could tell he was close with his regular customers and that he treated his staff well. “For me, he was a human I genuinely enjoyed interacting with. There was a kindness and an efficiency about him that seemed to make the whole place run smoother and just nicer.”

“He seemed like a good boss, too, based on how he communicated with the workers,” she added. “There seemed to be mutual respect there.”

There were another seven injured workers at the building: six with minor injuries and one with moderate injuries, according to updates from CB1. In addition, most streets around the building — a four-story parking garage — were closed while city agencies figure out next steps. (Beskin has still not heard yet about the status of her car.) The Department of Environmental Protection put out air monitors and had not detected any asbestos.

A quick check of the Department of Buildings site shows a couple dozen violations, but all had been resolved or dismissed by 2011.



  1. Very sad. Hopefully the investigation will go far enough to reveal who are accountable to prevent this from happening again in the future.

  2. The roof of the building is not built as a load bearing floor. Why all those cars?

  3. I see cars packed in like sardines, so I hope NYC buildings inspectors will also investigate and monitor the weight limitations on all garages. I wonder how much overcapacity could be stressing the structural problems of garage buildings.