Art in Tribeca: Mark Handforth in Barnett Newman Triangle

The gallery Luhring Augustine has installed a sculpture by the artist Mark Handforth titled “Franklin Street Four” in Barnett Newman Triangle, the neglected intersection at White, Church and Sixth. It was a surprise to neighbors but according to the gallery’s press release, it is part of the Parks Department’s Art in the Parks program. It is up until November. (Thanks to L. for catching these shots of the installation!)

The sculpture also comes at a time when the triangle needs some attention: stay tuned for more on that soon.

The hot-pink almost glowing sculpture is an homage to Dan Flavin’s untitled (to Barnett Newman) two (1971), which was a light portrait of Newman, whose studio used to overlook the triangle.

The show at the gallery is titled “Half-Sleep-City,” the artist’s first solo show at the gallery, and includes other monumental sculptures on view through July 28. There’s an opening reception tomorrow, May 6, from 6 to 8p.

Handforth was born in Hong Kong in 1969 and grew up in London; he currently lives and works in Miami and New York. He completed his studies in the early 1990s at the Slade School of Fine Art in London and at the Städelschule in Germany. He has work in the collections of the Whitney, Carnegie Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles among lots of others.

The gallery describes his work this way: “Solid in their bearing but loose in their movement, the sculptures almost appear to be animate, to be simply making themselves. His sinuous, meandering forms draw directly from the lived landscape without ever directly picturing it; they situate themselves as things to be dealt with, dancers in your place and space, awkwardly beautiful. As at ease outside on the street as they are inside a room, the works exist in the world as part of one looping conversation.”



  1. Glad to see more outdoor art!

  2. Still waiting for DOT and 100 Franklin / DDG to fix the plaza

    From NYC DOT’s website ( today

    Case Number
    General Topic
    Pedestrian Plaza Programs

    Click here to Follow this Case and be notified when it is resolved.

    • In regards to the BNT (Barnett Newman Triangle) and Finn square. Is there a group like Friend’s of Duane Park, and Washington Market that can petition to the DOT or
      CB1 to beautify these spaces?


        Thanks for asking about Finn Square which does have a Friends of Finn Square nonprofit group working mightily to get the sidewalk fixed, and other things improved, like fencing.

        The website is

        We would love to have you participate in our efforts.

        As for Barnet Newman Triangle, commissioners of DOT and Parks recently visited both it and Finn Square to see in person what needs there were. We are on their radar but it is unclear how long it will take for change to happen. The more we advocate, the better, so please contact them.

      • There is a group for Finn Square: . They recently had a community clean up day.

    • Thanks for this. I signed up for updates there. Any idea whom we should contact to remind about this project, and politely press for its completion?

  3. I saw this art yesterday, glad to have it here. I do wish the City would spruce up this plaza.

    If they removed the parking spots on the sides, they could have more space for greenery or maybe a fountain. I also would like to see the sidewalk extended to Franklin.

    Anyway, both this spot and Finn Square have so much more potential.

  4. Thank you James for highlighting negligence in fixing up Barnett Newman Triangle. Plop art does not solve the problem. DDG and DOT are not fulfilling their promise.

  5. Friends of Duane Park coordinated a visit to both Finn and BNT by DOT and Parks late last month. It piggy-backed on a meeting to discuss FDP’s restoration/resiliency project ( Personally, optimistic that DOT and Parks will come through on some small improvements while larger plans are coordinated.

    All of these projects have tremendous potential for adding greenery and improving resiliency!

    Finn friends :
    BNT friends: in development