Bike and scooter rental coming to Church

A bike and scooter rental shop is coming to Church in the space just south of Blank Street Coffee between Warren and Murray. Thanks to K. for the eyeball.

Fancy Apple offers rentals of electric bikes and e-scooters, bike tours over the Brooklyn Bridge and bike sales. Seems like an odd coincidence that we would get two of these within a couple months of each other — Unlimited Biking opened in February — but with tourism completely rebounded, maybe that all makes sense. Would be nice if they had a full-service bike repair shop, for those days when Sammy Acevedo at GothamFix has a line.

They have another storefront that provides rides and tours in Central Park on Seventh Avenue.

More TK when they open.



  1. Only upside to locals having to dodge tourists on e-bikes is knowing how fast those tourists will find out how dangerous it is to e-bike around lower Manhattan.

  2. E-bikes, e-scooters and their riders endanger pedestrians and are a threat to city life.

  3. Drivers go through red lights and stop signs and don’t get ticketed. Bicyclists (who don’t have licenses, have to take tests or have insurance or inspections or even pay for parking), disobey every traffic law and nothing happens. I’ve lost count on how many times in every part of this city, I have had to jump out of the way of Citi bikes or bicyclists riding their own bikes who went through red lights when I had the green light to cross. The sidewalks in this city look disgusting with the bike racks. I miss the city the way it used to look.

    • ^^^what she said^^^

      I’m surprised there hasn’t been a serious accident at the West Side Hwy and Houston St bike lane. It’s rare to see bike riders obeying the bike lane traffic signals. With warm weather here, there are more pedestrians (and cars) crossing the bike path into Pier 40 and it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

  4. What precautions do e-bike rental shops take when recharging these vehicles’ batteries? I agree that e-bikes are dangerous when riders are ignorant of the law, don’t take common-sense precautions, or yield to pedestrians. But these bikes are dangerous off the road and have caused fires when recharged irresponsibly.