More Art in Tribeca! Frank Ape x Washington Market Park

The Friends of Washington Market Park were able to secure the street artist Brandon Sines to add his signature primate known as Frank Ape to the park’s seven picnic tables. Volunteers gave the benches a coat of Central Park Green to start and Sines added the apes to them on Tuesday, in the rain and hail.

They are fabulous — friendly, colorful, engaging. I’m showing just a couple here so you can discover the rest in person. Sines designed them to reflect the park and its activities — and even has one in homage to the parks’ gardeners. His technique was a very quick outline, then spray in the blocks of color, then, with a deft touch, add the line-art details and outlines. He didn’t flinch with the weather.

You might recognize Frank Ape from his installation at the World Trade Center on the construction fence around the 2 WTC site. Sines also collaborated with the Guggenheim to celebrate its 60th Anniversary with two Frank Ape themed pieces.

Sines moved here in 2010 to pursue his art, and created his character Frank Ape — a mythical creature who is as much a concept as an image — shortly after. Frank took off, and Sines has worked as a full-time artist for the past 10 years.