Seen & Heard: Farm.One is back — but in Brooklyn

Farm.One, whose urban farm on White Street was forced to close during the pandemic, is back in Brooklyn, after they were able to find an investor in October. The farm there — on Bergen in Prospect Heights — is open to tours, classes, events and delivers to Manhattan. Founder Rob Laing says he already has some local members who just rejoined. See more on memberships here.

There is some bone broth trend that I cannot fathom but here it is: Springbone Kitchen, which serves different variations of bone broth, as well as lunch bowls and granola, opens next week in Hudson Eats. They have six other locations around the city.

The annual Lower Manhattan Cultural River To River festival will take place June 9-18 across Downtown and includes installations, dance, music and more, all completely free. See more info here.

S. sent these birds-eye shots of the Five Boro Bike Tour held yesterday — just a fraction of the 32,000 (!) bikers that make the lap. The 40-mile tour starts with us, goes north into the Bronx, then to Queens, Brooklyn and ultimately, crossing the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge and concluding in St. George near the Staten Island Ferry.



  1. I’ll take a victory lap for using my bike-advocacy bona fides a half-dozen years ago to persuade the Tour organizers to stop their ear-splitting amplified music and crowd rev-ups during the runup to the ride start. (I write this, presuming/hoping they haven’t reverted.) Hopefully that’s one small win we can all savor.

    • BRAVO

    • Yup, I appreciate it! I spent a lot of time going to community board meetings trying to advocate for a more neighborhood friendly version of the Bike Tour, as you know. I’m glad it’s been holding (though I was away this time so don’t know what it sounded like this time).